High Court in Israel: Are you out of your ****** mind?

High Court in Israel: Are you out of your ****** mind?

I was raised to watch my language; to speak “like a lady.” And I try. Mostly. I really do. But sometimes, it happens. A word comes to my mind and try as I might to think in the asterisk, that word is there. I won’t say it. I won’t write it, but I just can’t help thinking it. Luckily, it is rare and usually, to be honest, deserved. For example, this morning, I read that the High Court of Israel ordered the government to offer immediate medical treatment for five women from Gaza. 

Now, I’m all in favor of Israel’s amazing track record of treating injured and sick people from all over the world. I love that we bring them (often at our expense) here to our wonderful and advanced hospitals. That there are thousands and thousands of people from distant lands who have had heart operations, advanced cancer treatments and more…and then return home, healthy and whole to live what we hope will be a long and healthy life.

As human beings, these five women deserve treatment. But then again, three Israeli families have rights too. One family has the right to hold and hug their son, who is, we believe, alive. And two families have the right to closure, to have the remains of their sons brought home and buried in a place they can visit. They are, we believe, no longer alive but still they are ours.

Three high court justices should be ashamed of themselves and certainly deserve our anger and contempt. Uzi Fogelman, Yitzhak Amir and Ofer Grosskopf demand that these women, relatives of top level Hamas members, be allowed treatment in Israel. I’d like them to announce their decision while looking into the eyes of the Shaul and Goldin families.

There is no question that in their attempt to act out of humanity and kindness to our enemies, they are delivering a cruel and inhumane blow to families that have been suffering for four long years. Hamas taunts these families with images of their sons and now we are to treat their women?

In what world, in what country, would its leaders extend such kindness to the families of murderers, terrorists and killers? Israel had hoped to put pressure on Hamas to make a trade. This has been denied by the High Court, which sided with Hamas family members over bereaved Israelis.

Are the judges out of their minds to have ruled that way? Sadly, assuming that is their problem is a kindness they likely don’t deserve.



  1. Marilyn Sloan

    I totally agree with you. They are leftists, so what would expect from them. They are globalists, not Jews. Pleasing the UN and Europe and the American left is most important to them.

    How can Israel get rid of them?

  2. Daniel Less

    I strongly concur with the author of this post! Sometimes it seems to me that Israeli
    authorities go out of their way to please their enemies. Why? Is it only because theywant the rest of the world to know how civilized Israel is!
    Does Israel actually believe that their enemies in the Arab world and countries in Western Europe really would be impressed or for that matter even notice such a gesture? I got news for these judges; no, they would not notice or even care an instant!
    Right now as I’m writing this, the country in which I live, Sweden has gone completely
    crazy with Neo Nazis screaming invectives against the Jews and Israel, illegal immigrants
    from Muslim countries and so on. They are of course low iq people and are not capable
    of being able of distinguishing between Arabs and Jews, that’s only to be expected.
    The left-wingers are maybe not quite as dumb as blue collar white thrash, but they are equally as antisemitic and anti Israel, but for perhaps other reasons.Such as for instance
    that the Israel has ”stolen” the land from the poor and oppressed Palestinians, and so on. Israel should stop trying to be the ”nice” guy, for the simple reason that nobody cares, that’s why!

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