Fight or Flight – Time for Jews to Decide

Fight or Flight – Time for Jews to Decide

There comes a moment when a person has to make a stand. Fight or flight. That simple. Do you fight to remain where you are, or do you surrender to the situation and leave? Have you ever faced a choice like that? On a personal level? National? Religious? Employment?fight

For me, I can tell you that I’ve faced that several times in jobs where I thought I was being treated unfairly – mostly, I chose flight and found another job. Religiously, when I felt that others were being unfair, I usually chose to fight. On a personal level, I guess I’ve chosen both. And, on a national level, since moving to Israel, I’ve always chosen to fight.

Now, Belgium 2018…and just days before 2019 enters, is a place from which I think Jews must choose flight. Just a few years ago, as I walked through the streets of Amsterdam, I felt the barely concealed hatred. “F**** Jews,” someone said as my husband and I walked through the streets. Then, I didn’t turn and engage. No reason. Not my home, not my battlefield.

Today, I watched a video of Belgian soccer fans chanting about burning Jews.

My father was part of a commando
My mother was SS
And together they burned Jews
Because the Jews burn the best

Instinctively, I thought about how we could fight these ignoramuses. Hugely disappointed and saddened, I listened to them chanting as I read the words. Again and again, like scraping a scab, the pain is there. Yet again, the anger and the urge to fight comes to the front of my mind…and then, as I watch it yet again, my heart surrenders. Finally and forever, it’s time for flight. So, leave, please, I want to beg the Jews of Belgium. Other places too, but let’s start with this country.

Now, make a statement. Decide – fight or flight? And if you say you have fought  as we all have, then the next and only option that remains when you live in a land not your own, is flight.

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  1. Valmai June Smith

    Such a HUGE question and it will be answered in many different ways, plus the fact no one really knows the terribleness of having to walk such a terrible journey until you are in the middle of it…. A picture came to my mind of the viruses that have made themselves known throughout the world and the huge damage they do, yet if we didn’t choose to find ways to stop it the virus would decimate wherever it touched a human life. IT HAS TO BE FOUGHT and rendered incapable of causing death and destruction… Israel has had to make the choice to stand and fight, this time on their own soil, and if you know the written history of that fight , though battered and bruised Israel will win…. You are all in the valley of decision. Choose life with your hands in the hand of the Eternal G-D of Israel , HE will be your salvation and Deliverer from all the armies that want to stand against you. NONE can stand against HIM…SHALOM SHALOM dear ISRAEL

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