Examining the Message of Netta at Eurovision

Examining the Message of Netta at Eurovision

Two weeks ago, Netta Barzilai took the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. Since it won, and perhaps even before, it has been taking the world (and Israel) by storm. Netta has been the subject of one incredibly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic parody that violates YouTube rules and yet has not been removed. But more, there are some amazing videos analyzing the true lyrics of the song and Netta herself.

By her own admission, Netta is on a mission with messages for many – for all women, for “well-endowed” women, and for men. For one thing, she wants to help raise awareness of sexual abuse. But more, she wants to tell large women that they are beautiful. She is beautiful. It’s an issue that she fights with and for the most part has triumphed over.

And it’s a message to those who think they ban buy others with piles of cash. She sings of power, those used against people, but also people empowering themselves – men and women.

In his “Overthinking” video, Matthew Wrather, gives a fantastic review of not only the lyrics but of Netta’s performance and the strange sounds that accompany the song.

The obvious themes are discussed for a good reason. The video is weird. Strange. And wonderful. There is the obvious connection to the #MeToo” campaign to raise awareness of sexual discrimination and abuse. Also, the idea that someone who resorts to such intimidation and abuse is not only a “stupid boy” but a chicken.

Netta at Eurovision

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