My Day Just Got Bombed – How’s Yours?

My Day Just Got Bombed – How’s Yours?

Having a nice breakfast? Looking forward to all you have to do today? Or maybe it’s late at night where you are and you’re relaxing in bed? Did you know Israel just got bombed? Never mind. Relax. Unwind. You probably had a hard day and your mind is exploding with details. In Israel, things are exploding too – only here, they are rockets fired a short time ago.

It’s okay. You’re probably thinking about what you have to do tomorrow. I hope that shower really helped you relax. Life is great, right? Well, not really. My friends and brothers and sisters in Israel’s southern areas near Gaza just changed their plans. Minutes ago, as of the last count TWENTY SEVEN mortars were fired at Israeli citizens. One landed near a kindergarten. Hundreds of thousands of people heard sirens and their morning changed. See, their country just got bombed!Fake News

Red Alert. Incoming missiles. Bomb shelters. Comforting scared children. Praying. Praying. Fear. Anger.

Breakfast? Who’s on carpool? Did you take your backpack? Forget those questions. Leave everything and run. You have FIFTEEN seconds. RUN. Grab the baby. RUN. Forget shoes. RUN. Don’t think. Ignore your heart racing. RUN.

Where the hell is the world when Gaza fires rockets at hundreds of thousands of civilians? Where is the New York Times? CNN? BBC? Almost an hour later, the world is quiet. The media still sleeping in the contentment that fake news is acceptable.

Tell me, if someone shot 25 rockets at New York, Berlin, London, would it take them an hour? For BBC, it is more important to tell you that a four year old investigation has formally ended. And, as expected, both CNN and The New York Times are too busy trashing Trump to tell you that mass murder was just attempted.

The left leaning, kaddish-for-terrorists Jews? Almost an hour later, they too are quiet. They won’t be for long, however. Soon, they will scream because while the world is ignoring this latest attack, our air force and artillery are not.

Our sophisticated technology kicked into gear within milliseconds. Iron Dome teams went into action, obliterating the worst of the threats. And our air force has already tracked where the rockets were fired from and is in the process of creating craters.

If in the newly established craters, you hear that dead bodies were found, rest-assured – they were the terrorist who fired on civilians this morning. If you feel the need to say Kaddish for your Hamas friends, that’s between you and God. But I have to wonder what God will think of the Kaddish you say for your parents (may they live to 120 in health) when He remembers the last time you said Kaddish it was for a terrorist who tried to murder innocent men, women, and children.


At least two of those innocents are friends that I saw just yesterday. Hugs and shmoozing…and today, I worry about them yet again. I have no words for CNN, BBC and The New York Times. I am used to their ignoring attacks that don’t give them the blood that feeds their headlines. And unlike the Palestinians, we won’t take 8-month-old babies out into a mortar storm or parade our children within the danger zones created by their hatred.

As for the Kaddish-sayers, I’m about out of sympathetically trying to understand them. My stomach turns at their ignorance; my blood boils at their perfidy. I have a day of meetings and little time for non-work-related issues this morning. But I do not ignore the suffering and fear of my people and so I sit here and write.

Three messages, I deliver here.

To my friends in the south – to Esther and Miriam and Yocheved and Bracha and others – stay safe. Be careful. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I’m praying for your safety and for everyone.

To the Kaddish speaking Jews and the media – dwell in your fake news, your ignorance. You know nothing of my country. But think about how interesting it is that the UN runs to Israel’s border when there is trouble and shelter their families here in Israel rather than Syria or Gaza. Think which people fly around the world to help others while others run to tell lies. Think who puts their children in bomb shelters, and who parades them on the border.

And finally, to our sons and daughters in the army. Fly true, fly safe. Worry about your lives, not what the media will write. No matter how careful you are, our enemies will produce dead bodies. Even if they have to dig them up in a cemetery or kill their own children to provide them. Too often it seems the only Jews that the world loves are dead ones…or those saying kaddish for terrorists. We won’t die for you. We won’t commit suicide to quench your thirst for our demise.Israel Bombed

So fly safe, our beloved soldiers. Hit your targets and kill the terrorist who fired TWENTY SEVEN rockets as our children were preparing to go to school. Obliterate those who fired at a kindergarten this morning.

And know that at least here, the news IS being reported.

Iron Dome working this morning near Gaza

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  1. Netivotgirl

    Bravo once again dearest Paula for a moving post. As you wrote, for most of the world “the only Jews that the world loves are dead ones…or those saying kaddish for terrorists. ” It is sickening how silent the world media is when we are attacked. So together with you I pray that our heroes in the IDF do their jobs and worry about their own lives and NOT about what the media will write. For no matter what Israel does, we will always be the guilty party. Thank you dear IDF champions for your precise use of the Iron Dome, and thank you G-d for your ongoing miracles!

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