Seeing beyond the Colors of Har Meron

Sadly, the blame game for what happened late Thursday evening at Har Meron began almost as early as the first reports hit the news and long before what we pray was the final death toll. Today, days later, it continues. Perhaps mentioning some facts will help. Maybe, an important concept …

Today, Israel Pulled A Hillel!

she is.

Ariel Gold believes in boycotting Israel and today, Israel answered her back. Straight from Hillel – a voice from 2,000 years ago warning Israel that we must take care of ourselves, even as we take care of others.

A World Devoid of … of Everything

There are moments when a word can truly describe the world. Today is one of them. Hours ago, I heard that the United Nations had, yet again, voted to condemn Israel. As I listened to the vote tallies, a single word came to mind, “devoid”. That’s it. The world is …