A Watch, Too Many Fires, A Murderer, and Five Earthquakes – In the News

A Watch, Too Many Fires, A Murderer, and Five Earthquakes – In the News

Today’s 300 word news update is going to be challenging. A lot going on…so let’s begin. First up, the story of a watch which is really more of a reminder about a man. Eli Cohen was an Israeli spy in the early 1960s. He managed to get to the highest levels of the Syrian government. And, the secrets he sent back to Israel helped us win the Six Day War, which took place just over two years after the Syrians murdered Cohen.

Watch of Eli Cohen
Credit: Amos Ben Gershon (GPO)

Recently, the IDF was able to recover Eli Cohen’s watch and bring it back to Israel. It is on display now but will soon be given to the family. Speaking of the operation, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, II commend the fighters of the Mossad for the determined and courageous operation, the sole objective of which was to return to Israel a memento from a great fighter who greatly contributed to the security of the state.”

Two of the main topics in the news in Israel today are happening at relative extremes in the country. In the north, we have earthquakes and in the south, we have fires. No connection between them other than both bring worries to Israelis who are worried about things getting worse. Israelis always watch fire reports in the summer, but this year, we aren’t worrying about the heat and accidents. Instead, we are worried about arson attacks, fire kites and explosive balloons.

As for the murderer – that would be Marwan Barghouti. He was tried and convicted on several counts of murder and sentenced to consecutive life sentences, which would keep him in jail for the next 400 or so years. As news of Mahmoud Abbas’ declining health spreads, Palestinians are beginning to think about who will be their next leader. Apparently, they are thinking of picking Marwan Barghouti. That will make for interesting state visits, considering they’ll have to be held in an Israel jail.

Well, a little over 300, but it was a busy day.

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