Latest Update: Israel in the News – in 300 Words

Latest Update: Israel in the News – in 300 Words

What’s New in Israel Today? Well, here’s the latest news from ILTV and my own personal roundup in 300 words includes:

  • The army destroyed the home of the terrorist who murdered Yotam Ovadia in Adam. Deterrent or not? That has always been the question. Does it help the family? Not at all. What they need is to have Yotam back. As for the deterrent factor, given how much the Palestinian Authority pays to the families of these killers, one needs to question the value of allowing them to empty the home of all its contents before knocking the structure down.
  • The Iranians and the Syrians signed a “cooperation agreement”. Israel has naturally condemned the pact. Good news for the world? Hard to imagine. Meanwhile, Iran is again threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz – a very troubling development.
  • An earthquake (6.2 or 5.9 on the Richter scale, depending on who you ask), hit Iran. No…um…doubtful Israel will be sending aid this time around.
  • The debate about Jeremy Corbyn continues to fill the news in Britain and here in Israel as well. Is he an anti-Semite? Sure appears to be. Will he win? God knows. What’s best for the Jews of the UK? Well, more and more, it seems to be less and less continuing to live in the UK.

Here’s a great video of today’s latest news…

Israel in the News

Some of the things covered above, and several other top items are listed in the following video. If you don’t follow ILTV, you definitely should!

Stay tuned for the next In the News in 300 Words with the latest updates from Israel and the Jewish world.

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