Israel’s Unique Export

Israel’s Unique Export

Israel's Unique ExportEven among all the hi-tech, produce, and agricultural know-how that Israel exports, there is still one absolutely unique, sui generis, exclusively Israeli export that rises above all else.

It’s an export in and of itself, but it is also part of everything else Israel exports – sort of like Israel’s special sauce added to everything.

To an extent we are already exporting it, but definitely not the way nor on the level that it’s meant to be exported. We’re just not there yet, but will be soon BE”H.

The thing is that we all know this but maybe compartmentalize it out of the forefront of our mind regarding, not just exports, but all areas of life we deal with every day.

This unique, one-of-a-kind export and export component? –

“For from Tziyon will go forth Torah and the Word of Hashem from Jerusalem” (Isaiah 2: 3).

Melech HaMashiach will teach Torah to all the nations of the world. Torah will go hand-in-hand and be applied in all areas and fields of life in the world. Torah will be the lifestyle it was meant to be, and not limited to just a small few. Just imagine!

In medicine, doctors will do only what is moral and ethical (until all sickness is gone from this world, as we are promised). In law and government, we’ll be able to rest assured that all is conducted with integrity and true justice. The “swamp” will be drained completely! Agriculture will follow Halacha – all produce from Israel will be tithed; there will be no grafting, no kilayim, etc. Animals will no longer be abused. There will be no more corruption.

We are not there yet, as we are still in spiritual galut. But we can still visualize all this to help perceive it as our up-coming reality. We can keep it in the forefront of our consciousness, and thus even help bring it about. This will be the biggest export of Israel and of all times.

We have so much to look forward to!

Shabbat Shalom!

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