I Seem to Have Misplaced My Assault Rifle

I Seem to Have Misplaced My Assault Rifle

No, I don’t actually own an assault rifle, but read on! When a person posts on Facebook as often as I do, and when a person writes a blog, he or she is also hoping for any feedback. That feedback can be positive or negative, but feedback and comments, “likes” and “shares” are always a welcome result. If you are writing, after all, you want people to read what you wrote.

I truly have no problem when a person comments negatively on a post that I write. The reason is twofold: First, it is possible I am wrong in my comment or position. When that happens, and it is pointed out to me, I emend or delete my post or comment. The other reason I don’t mind negative comments is that, at least, I am engaging another person in some form of discourse about important topics. It is good to hear alternative views to your own, as it makes you think. However, there is one negative comment I will not put up with. That would be an ad hominem attack. Attack my ideas, my writing, my dangling participles and my spelling. But, do not attack me as a person. Hiding behind the anonymity of a keyboard emboldens many, but that is the price to pay for open access to the internet.

Which brings me to this post and the strange title about an assault rifle. I commented on an article recently in which I castigated organizations who demanded Israel re-open Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza. On that comment, I received the following reply:
So Zev, you live in an illegal settlement in the West Bank so what do you know of Hamas. Ma’ale Adumim is an insulated community, protected by the IDF, stealing land all around your community to grow. I have seen what you settlers live in from real estate websites. Pretty luxurious with swimming pools, central air and heat, leather furniture, huge big screen TVs, ultra-modern appliances. Wow, tough life. So how many assault rifles do you have and how many of your Palestinian neighbors have you killed or maimed?

So, “dear” reader, let’s set the record straight and stop assaulting the truth:

  1. Maale Adumim is not an “illegal” settlement. As a matter of fact, it is the concerted opinion of the legal community that the settlements are not illegal. Here is a great summary for your inspection.
  2. “What do you know of Hamas?” Hmmm, while I do not know a single card-carrying member of Hamas, I know, or better yet, I should say I knew some of their victims personally or knew of their stories of carnage. Whether, it was the woman at the bus stop, the man in his car, the child blown up, the list of the Hamas atrocities is, sadly, too long to list here. So, what do I know of Hamas? The fact that the murders that they have perpetrated have altered the lives of thousands of good people.
  3. “Maale Adumim is an insulated community.” Really? Interesting. When you leave the main entrance of our community, if you were to turn left instead of right you would, within about 200 meters, enter Azariya. If you would turn right, you would soon arrive at Abu Dis. Keep travelling and you will arrive at Issawiya. If these names sound Arab to you, it is because they are. So, we are “insulated”? Far from it! We have Arab communities every where we turn.
  4. The “luxury” you speak of, well, there you have me. I actually do know people with TVs, one or two who own swimming pools, and others who actually have air conditioning… Egads! I am curious as to the problem  that you see with people who make an honest living and want to spend their money for modern convenience. While Hamas and their fellow murderers seek to keep their people in the 13th century, we here in Israel prefer to be a little more modern.
  5. As to my assault rifle…Gee, I am sure it was sitting right here next to me somewhere. Now, where did it go? Well, since you do not strike me as a person with a sense of humor or a person who would know sarcasm if it slapped you in the face (don’t say it, Zev…resist the temptation!), please let me clarify the issue. No, not only do I not own an assault rifle, I don’t own a gun, a knife or a peashooter. Are there residents of Maale Adumim who walk around with guns for protection? You bet there are! Do you know why? Well, let’s answer it like this: Most Jewish communities have fences around them to protect their residents. Yet, not a single Arab community has a protective fence around it. You can do the math. (Well, you probably can’t, but there are calculators out there to help you.)

    Luxury mall in Gaza

(And as long as we are talking about luxuries, I am curious what you would say about the mall in Gaza. “The what? What mall?”  You are unaware of the state-of-the-art mall in Gaza City? Here are a couple pictures for you.)

I need not waste any more words on you, as you are not going to be convinced by anything I write. However, when I receive a comment such as yours, I am unable to let it go. So, feel free to subjugate yourself to the caliphate of Hamas. Subjugate yourself to tyranny, hate, prejudice and injustice.

Me, I prefer living in the 21st century.

Another luxury mall in Gaza

Best of luck!


  1. J. W. Needle

    More photographs showing the enormous discrepancy in life styles in Gaza must be widely promulgated. I recall photographs showing seaside high-rise condos/apartments. Who has the wealth? Why isn’t more done by the governing body in Gaza to promote economic growth, etc., etc.

    1. Zev M. Shandalov

      Actually checked it out before the post…

      The two words emend vs. amend cannot be used interchangeably in all contexts, so it’s important we know when to use which word. Amend is to change something, usually a document or personal behavior, to make it better. Emend is to correct something, usually in a text, to fix an error.

  2. Zev, wonderful reply. Living 9kms [about 51/2miles] from Gaza, I know a lot about Hamas. I know that nothing Hamas does shocks me anymore. How many times have they strapped a bomb belt on a donkey and exploded it when the donkey came close to soldiers. How many times have they use children as bombers and human shields because they are cowards. We have had grad missiles explode in our backyard and our youngest grandson was born during a missile being fired at Beer Sheva. His first sound when he entered this world was a siren and loud boom.Their depravity knows no end….cruelty is their middle name. They live for death. They honor death.

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