Only in Israel – Stranded at Sha’ar Hagai

Only in Israel – Stranded at Sha’ar Hagai

This amazing “ONLY IN ISRAEL!!!” story comes from Avi Abelow:

Only in Israel
Stranded at Shaar Hagai with the Remnants of Israeli heroism in the background

So we are driving on kvish 1 to have some fun today in Tel Aviv/Yafo, when all of a sudden I can’t turn the steering wheel! Not good at all. I pull off at the nearest gas station at Sha’ar Hagai and buy some power steering fluid. Great! All I need to do is fill up the fluid and we can continue for our fun day, right? Wrong! The fluid is already pretty full!

Now I’m totally at a loss, because I can’t drive, so I get myself psychologically ready to call the towing company and say goodbye to the fun day planned with the kids. Then out of the blue, an angel named Dani stops next to my car and asks me what the problem is! He’s a moshachnik, a car repairman. He looks under my hood and asks me if my air conditioner stopped working also, and I said yes, realizing that the air stopped being cool around the time I couldn’t turn the steering wheel anymore.

Dani, my mosachnik angel on the side of the road, tells me that one of the big rubber strings ripped and he will call a co-worker in Jerusalem to bring me a new one!!! So here we are waiting at the Shaar Hagai gas station for this guy to bring us a new part so we can continue to drive to Tel Aviv/Yafo and enjoy our day!

The best part? I asked to take a picture of Dani so I can give a public thank you and promote him and the garage he works at in Beit Shemesh to get more business. He said no! Just helping out is enough.

He wouldn’t take money or anything.

Instead he told me that last night he drove back and forth from Beit Shemesh to the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, for a special Rosh Chodesh celebration to do some teshuva [repentance, making up for things you might have done wrong], and helping us is just another way for him to do some teshuva.

What a country!!! What unbelievable people!


Amazing story, no? Avi, wishing you safe travels and thanks so much for sharing such an amazing story!

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