Ari Fuld in His Own Words

Ari Fuld in His Own Words

Many are speaking about Ari Fuld and his murder – here is a video that was posted allowing Ari to speak for himself. This is who he was. This is what he did, and more, this is why he did what he did.

In the simplest of ways and the simplest of words, Ari sums up his entire life, “I’m always on call.” Always, he ran to defend. Even as he was dying, he ran to defend.

Israel’s heart is broken. This our enemies think they have taken from us, done to us. What they don’t understand is that the Israel today is even stronger and more determined than the Israel of just two days ago.

If you want to know about Israel today – this is the video to watch, this is the man to remember. Ari loved Israel. He loved Jerusalem. His family and his people and his nation were everything.

So many have written to me with tears and sadness. Yesterday, I wasn’t sure how we would go on. Today, as Yom Kippur comes closer and closer, I still don’t know how, but I do know that we will come out of this stronger. We owe it to Ari, and we owe it to ourselves.

They will not defeat us. That simple. That easy. They never have in the past, and they never will in the future. Israel is eternal.

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