Boomerang4Israel on Ari Fuld’s Murder

Boomerang4Israel on Ari Fuld’s Murder

Latest video from Boomerang4Israel just published and the topic is the murder of Ari Fuld. For two days now, our Facebook feeds have been full of tributes and tears as we remember, as we mourn. Here is the truth as Boomerang4Israel knows so well how to present. 

Ari Fuld was murdered in cold blood by a 17-year-old Arab from a village nearby. He approached a woman, this Arab, purchased a falafel and asked her if she spoke English. She responded in Hebrew that she did not, and the Arab waited and watched. And then he saw Ari. Then he heard Ari speak English on his telephone.

In this rather shocking video, listen as we learn how commonplace it is for the Arabs to send their children to murder, to destroy. Such hatred is a poison planted deep within. Ari comes from a family filled with love and light. The darkness, the evil, the hatred of this 17 year old will not destroy all that Ari is, all that he was, all that he will be.

Around the globe, people are dedicating themselves to pick up the fight, to not let Ari die in vain.



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