A message to fellow Jews…

A message to fellow Jews…

To my fellow Jews

I see a lot of fighting going in the virtual and the real world. I see Jews from the left and from the right arguing with each other about who is “better” for the Jews or who is “worse” for the Jews.

So let me be clear about my thoughts on this.

The Nazis or white supremacists or neo-Nazis or whatever you want to call them, are NOT your friends. And even if they sometimes say good things about Israel, they would sooner see you and your country disappear into the ground and vanish into oblivion. Their goal is to “end Jewish influence in America.”

Should they ever gain massive power again as they did in Germany, that will be a priority on their agenda, to go after the people they hate. That means YOU!

The fascist BDS, Black Lives Matter and other pro-palestinian groups are NOT your friends either. And just because they fight the Nazis doesn’t make them your friends, because while they talk about human rights and freedom, they are not talking about humans rights and freedoms for YOU!

They will march against Nazis, sure, but they will march with even more passion against Jews and Israel. Their agendas always include anti-Israel blustering and claims of apartheid even when their movements have nothing to do with Israel.

The Nazi movements are open and don’t disguise their hatred and most decent people reject them outright. They consist mainly of people with bad haircuts, father issues, and pants which are way too tight. They are loud and scary and confronting, but their numbers are relatively few.


The fascist liberals try to disguise their hatred with words like human rights and freedom and consequently many people get sucked into their rhetoric, including many fake ‘rabbis’ who think that “as Jews” they must side with them and those Jews who flock towards them are considered nothing more than “useful idiots.” They consist mainly of people with equally bad haircuts, self-loathing issues and pants that are way too loose. They are far more numerous and very much infiltrated in universities across the country.

There are two sides in this conflict, but it’s not simply left and right. The Nazis and fascist liberals are on the EXACT SAME SIDE – the side of hatred, intolerance and anti-antisemitism, and on the other side, as they’ve often found themselves throughout history are the Jews.

Remember that no matter which country you live in be it America, Australia, England or anywhere else our enemies – the ones above – will always see you as a Jew first before anything else.


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