The Moral Duty Of All Jews

The Moral Duty Of All Jews

Let me be clear about something

If you hear me talking about the occupation, I’m talking about the occupation of Jewish land by Arab invaders. I’m talking about the occupation of Jewish holy sites by people so infused in antisemitism they deny the very existence of anything Jewish. I’m talking about sites steeped in thousands of years of Jewish history, yet occupied by people who do everything in their power to deny that history.

But I’m not just talking about land.

I’m talking about the obsessive nature that occupies their minds. And not just Arabs either. I’m talking about every world body who make it their priority to try to deny Jews their own little space in the world. I’m talking about this obsession occupying their every thought and their every move. I’m talking about major problems on this earth – problems like poverty and housing and disease and hunger – being ignored so that they may obsess over the activities in a country barely the size of New Jersey.

And yes – there are a people whose lives are governed by a cruel authority with officials who have no empathy and care only about money and power. An authority who deal in despair and terror and obsessive control over every aspect of people’s lives: What they can say. What they can do. What they can think.

That authority is called Hamas and it’s called the Palestinian Authority and the vast majority of Arabs everyday lives in Judea and Samaria and Gaza are controlled by them. They’re supposed to have a choice over who governs them, but those world bodies who are so obsessed with little Israel and labelling oranges and tomatoes don’t care about things like that. They don’t care about freedom and democracy and human rights for these Arabs ruled by other Arabs. They don’t care about them in Syria or Yemen or Lebanon or Qatar or Saudi Arabia or any other Arab country. The only time they care about them is when a few Jews are involved.

And yes there are road blocks and yes there are separate check points and yes there is high security. Because if there wasn’t, then there would be murders of Israelis every single hour of every single day.

But this is more than just terror and it’s more than just incitement and it’s more than just a few bad people.

This is a society that has been taught to hate from the very first moments they opened their eyes. Baby’s bottles are filled not with the milk of love, but with the poison of hate. Schools are named after people who murder children. Terrorists are celebrated as heroes – elevated to levels reserved for only the most honoured in society. Children are fed on lies and dishonesty and hatred – lies which are funded by organisations like UNRWA who do not want to resolve any conflict, but perpetuate it further. Violence is encouraged. Murder of others is encouraged. Financial reward exists for all those who can kill and maim and destroy – and the more damage you do and harm you cause and blood you spill, the more you earn.

It is a tragedy that children are growing up believing this is normal. It is a tragedy that people are being told they can go back to a country that never existed. It is a tragedy that so-called refugees are not being settled by their Arab brothers, but increasing year after year after year through a bogus definition that applies to no other people on earth.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t good people, because there are. It doesn’t mean that every single person wants to kill, because they don’t. But those voices of moderation are small and shamed and ostracised. They are not only ignored, but persecuted. And all this while all those great moral bodies from abroad drop their eyes and look away.

Now it’s true that Israel is a strong country with a strong military and a country that is in far less danger than it’s ever been.

But that doesn’t mean danger doesn’t exist. All around her are countries – that if given the chance – would pounce on her with a ferocity and a venom that would seek to fulfil their ultimate goal of destroying her and obliterating the population. Iran openly says this – but the European reaction to that is to try make some more deals with it instead.

Morals disappear rapidly when money is involved.

The price of the existence of Israel is eternal vigilance. Because freedom is not free. And life is not guaranteed. There are wolves gathering at the gates – scratching and clawing, desperately trying to get in.

We dare not let them in.

Only the morally blind cannot see that the future of Jews worldwide depends on the future of the Jewish state. For it is the moral duty of Jews to protect other Jews and the moral duty of the State of Israel to defend itself, defend its people and defend the Jewish Nation. That is its primary duty and it doesn’t change no matter what anyone says. It doesn’t change if the world loves you or if the world hates you. It doesn’t change whether Israel is a struggling country in economic debt or a booming country filled with success.

This is a heavy burden that falls on 18 year olds with pimples. And it falls on men with children starting pre school. It falls on that awkward kid who never quite fit in growing up, yet found his way in his Jewish land. It falls on ordinary men and ordinary women, boys and girls, kids who were popular and kids who were shy.

It even falls on Jews in South Africa and Jews in America and Jews in England and Jews anywhere whose support strengthens the country with prayers that give courage and fortitude.

For the State of Israel is the Jewish Homeland and it is the duty of all Jews, wherever they are, to stand up for their people, to stand up for their nation and to stand up for their homeland.

That is the moral duty of all of us and it’s about time we act like it.


  1. Sylvie

    Thank you for ypur passionate, eloquent words. Your belief in Israel and your rallying call to Jews to support our tiny country. Nobody else than Israelis knows what it is to live under an existential threat. But we do survive. With HaShem’s blessing we will survive.

    Please send your words to every country where Jews live. You have the power to touch Jewish hearts.

  2. Val Mardon

    Excellent as always!! The rest of the World is not interested in the facts. Neither Hamas nor the PLO seek true peace. In their Charters it states clearly that their express purpose is to e, terminate the Jews and drive the Israelis into the sea so that they can have Israel. Is this peace talk?? I think not!!

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