Good Guys And Bad Guys

Good Guys And Bad Guys

There are good guys and bad guys in the Middle East.

Actually, there’s only ONE good guy.

Israel is that good guy – a country that values human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a country that helps out the world constantly with humanitarianism missions sent around the world that saves human lives. It’s also responsible for inventing medical technology that helps people with disabilities and diseases to help them have a better quality of life than what they otherwise would have.

Then there are the bad guys… here are just some of them.

There’s Saudi Arabia, a country governed my mafia styled thugs who hack people to death in embassies and chop off women’s heads in the street.
There’s Turkey, led by an emperor wannabe who jails thousands of journalists and actively supports terrorist groups.
There’s Iran, a country that throws gay people off buildings and does not seek to help the world, but destroy it with nuclear weapons.
There’s Egypt – which some say are moderate, yet are responsible for launching a tirade of antisemitic UN resolutions against Israel – the country it signed a peace treaty with.
There’s Jordan – a fake hypocritical arab entity with no history, led by a weak boy-king, responsible for cultural genocide by destroying the Jewish quarter of the Old City. People call them moderate too.
There’s the Palestinian Authority, another rogue bunch of Arabs who govern by fear and jail and torture all those who disagree with them. Their goal, along with their Arab brethren, is genocide against the Jews of Israel. Most people in the world love them and think they’re wonderful.
There’s Hezbollah, who also wants genocide against the Jews of the world, hoping they’ll all gather in Israel to make their job easier.
There’s Hamas – who have spent billions of dollars of aid money to build….terror tunnels whose goal is the murder of Jews. They also perform environmental terrorism every day by seeking to actively start arson attacks on farmlands in Israel. No environment green group has ever condemned them.
There’s Syria – a country made up of a bunch of internal factions constantly fighting each other in more and more barbarous ways. Their leader uses chemical weapons on innocent civilians and the Russians support them.

Most people in the world, including human rights campaigners and gay and lesbian advocates and animal rights activists and environmental groups – support the murderous antisemitic regimes who abuse people and animals and the environment – even though it goes against everything they say they stand for.

Why do they do that?

I don’t know, but I do know that their hatred for Jews far exceeds their love for their own so-called values. Their moral compass is spinning so wildly they have lost their true north and cannot distinguish the basic fundamentals between right and wrong.

Now I may not be perfect but I know what’s right in this world and what’s wrong.

My compass is fixed. It’s strong. And it’s unchanging.

I will always support Israel.


  1. Magnus

    I am visiting Israel again, so while looking for some information, came across this blog.
    All I can say is ‘Guys, stop the rubbish’.
    Israel is a cool place (democracy etc) if you are a jew, but not if you are a Palestinian.
    Why are you comparing yourselves to Saudi Arabia? Compare yourselves to the Netherlands, or Sweden, or the UK, or France….how do you fare? Not very well at all.
    Do you guys actually realise what you are doing to the poor people of Gaza?
    Do you have any idea?

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