I’m Feeling Sick Tonight…

I’m Feeling Sick Tonight…

I’m feeling a little bit sick tonight.

And it’s not because of the three slices of cheesecake I had earlier. Okay four, but that forth one was realy small!

It’s also not because of the fact that I only had three hours of sleep last night.  Damn you Netflix!

And it’s definitely not because of the milk I had on my cereal earlier that may have been past the expiry date… okay, well, maybe that IS the reason!

But no, I feel sick, because I look at the world around me, and instead of seeing people who should be making the world a better place, I see too much hatred and too many hypocrites and just not enough people standing up for what’s right, rather than what is popular.


On Saturday, there were reportedly calls on social media by Arabs in the palestinian authority to destroy Joseph’s Tomb, one of Judaism’s holiest sites. Consequently

Arab rioters headed towards the site in order to desecrate it.


But this is not an isolated incident. In 2000, arabs looted and vandalized the site, and a Druze soldier actually bled to death onsite, because emergency services were

unable to get to him in time.


And just two years ago, arab rioters again attacked the site, attempting to destroy it.


Those who think the palestinian authority will somehow protect Jewish holy sites, should remember Joseph’s Tomb very well, because it is simply a preview of the kind of ‘protection’ Jewish holy sites will get.


Joseph was a dreamer, but having these thugs have any kind of control at all over his tomb is a bloody nightmare.


But if that didn’t make me physically ill, a report I read today only made me feel worse. Because today, Arab students at Tel Aviv University called for a new


Here are just some of the slogans they used:

“With spirit and blood we will redeem you, Al-Aqsa,” “We will fight and teach them a lesson via the sword and force,”,”We will school them through the ways of

intifada,” “Israel is a terror state”


Of course, the excuse was because Donald Trump recognised that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. But then I wonder what the excuse was in May this year, long before

Trump’s recognition, when Arab students at the Hebrew University in Jeruslaem called for an “intifada” uprising and the expulsion of Zionists!


It sickens me that thugs like this are studying at the expense of the Israeli tax payer. How can students or anyone who calls for violence ever be allowed to take part

in a decent society, because they are anything but decent.


But the sickness I feel isn’t limited to the events within Israel. Further from her shores, I feel ill witnessing countries that should be decent descend further into

antisemitism and hatred, fueled by Muslim refugees their own Muslim countries refused to accept.

Sweden is one such perfect example. A country that probably sounds idealic to many is on an uncontrollable tailspin into chaos. Antisemitism there is rampart, and in the past few days, a Hanukkah party at a synagogue in Goteborg was attacked with Molotov cocktails. Two days later, two fire bombs were discovered at a Jewish burial chapel in the southern Swedish city of Malmo.


It is tragic that none of these events are even a surprise to the Swedish Jewish community of 18000 people. Just like in Israel, Muslim protesters in Malmo called for an intifada and promised to “shoot the Jews.”

Some Jews are so scared there, that the simple act of wearing the Star of David around your neck could risk your very life.

And according to a report from 2013, the overwhelming majority of antisemitic incidents in Sweden are carried out by left-wing extremists, and the majority of those incidents are carried out by Muslims.


Sweden gave those refugees hope and they took that hope and turned it into hate.


But Sweden is not alone. It is a sickening reality that just 72 years after the Holocaust ended, most of Europe remains a dangerous place for Jews.

Yet even as these countries slowly but surely become part of a new Islamic caliphate, the United Nations remains the central place where that hatred can be channelled into farcical political resolutions.

At this moment, a resolution drafted by Egypt (one of the ‘moderate’ Arab countries) is being raised with the specific aim of annulling Trump’s recognition.

It will fail with the US’s veto, but it will then move to the General Assembly, where the world can witness a public display of antisemitism by the majority of the world’s countries. The United Nations will continue to carry the flag of injustice and antisemitism for all to see.


And so as I witness the world’s continuous actions of degradation, I see societies that do not learn from the past. I see societies that lack courage. I see societies that have lost all moral standing.

And I see societies that embrace Islamic fascism, because it’s easier to appease injustice than stand up against it.


I feel sick tonight, and sadly I don’t think there’s anything I can even take for it.

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