The BDS are bringing death to your doorstep

The BDS are bringing death to your doorstep

BDS. If you ever want to know what BDS is about, you can see it in what’s happening in Cape Town, South Africa where I grew up for a large chunk of my life.

The city is dying of thirst. Literally. It’s running out of water and it’s projected that by April, all the taps will be turned off. People will queue at special designated stations to collect daily rationed water.

But here’s the thing… this could have been avoided. Israel apparently offered to help South Africa with their water crisis. But, because South Africa has a pathologically hatred of Israel, the help was declined. They preferred to side with the terrorist palestinian entity instead.

This hatred is driven largely by, but not only, the BDS movement whose lifetime mission is to destroy the Jewish State of Israel at all costs.

The BDS are celebrating on the corpse of a dying city.

They talk of truth and justice, but what is blatantly obvious is that they don’t care about truth, justice or people in the slightest, as long as they meet their goals.

Their hatred for Israel will not hurt Israel in the slightest, but will instead condemn an entire city to destruction.

The BDS movement is nothing more than a mouthpiece for all the hatred and all the prejudice and all the antisemitism that their dark hearts are yearning for.

South Africa is a beautiful country – one of the most beautiful in the world. But they have betrayed their own people by allowing their hatred of Israel rather than their compassion for the own people to ultimately win.

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In the end Israel will survive, as it always has. But South Africa…I’m not so sure.

The BDS are harbingers of death. In their wake lie a scorched earth of barren landscapes devoid of any hope.

Their success is not measured in what they achieve, but in what they destroyed.

This is the legacy of antisemitism. This is the legacy of hatred.

And this will be the legacy of the BDS.


      1. david

        They are very active in my country Ireland
        They keep stating Israel is apartheid which is a lie
        I respond citing Ireland and its apartheid treatment of the travelling community
        Or Irish tinkers
        Many of the BDS are Sinn feinn who were the political mouth pieces of the IRA
        They hate Jews and are intertwined with the international network of PLO and the groups that was spawned from it
        Many Irish people support Israel but the Jew haters shout pretty high
        They even have. A free Gaza stand often put on our major shopping street Grafton street which is manned by Irish and some from the Islamic community spreading lies and bile
        But saying all this the majority of Irish people support Israel and see the BDS for what it is

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