Waiting in Line from Right to Left aka Whuttapain and What to Do about that

Waiting in Line from Right to Left aka Whuttapain and What to Do about that

PSA: Someone in my community asked why Israelis don’t behave politely and form lines when waiting for mass transit or for the doors of buildings to open, let alone appointments with doctors or clerks. I replied to the question and figure that some of you might find it helpful:

Welcome to the Middle East, a conglomeration of competitive cultures and varying emotional states. Miss Manners would have a heart attack here. Martha Stuart would die. I’m not sure that Mr Rogers could have handled these neighbors.

At any rate, it is somewhat possible to restore order IF you can convince the owners of whackadoodle elbows and knees to allow an older or disabled person through the knot of stubborn people.

Barring that miracle (it does happen on occasion), you’d be wise to 1) take a number from the dispensers at various public offices so you can prove that YOU are next in line for some service, 2) stand close to the doors of buildings and buses so you can enter them more easily and safely, and 3) to wear shoes that protect your vulnerable toes.

Rabbi Berel Wein often asks Anglos to maintain their western values for propriety and polite behavior. He’s hopeful that we can have a positive influence of the rest of the country.

I believe in miracles. Follow my suggestions above and pray hard.

PS – If I had a magic wand, I’d make your “Stay in the line” dreams come true.

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