Israel’s Security Solution, Clear and Timeless

Israel’s Security Solution, Clear and Timeless

Today, when I was in the synagogue listening to the Torah Portion of the Week, Dvarim, I heard the Solution to Israel’s Security Problems. It was so clear. Just read the last line of the parsha:

Dvarim 3:22Do not fear them, for it is the Lord, your God, Who is fighting for you.”

דברים גכב,לֹ֖א תִּֽירָא֑וּם כִּ֚י יְהֹוָ֣ה אֱלֹֽהֵיכֶ֔ם ה֖וּא הַנִּלְחָ֥ם לָכֶֽם:

This may sound simplistic and unrealistic to some, but having lived through the 1967 Six Days War, even though in New York, I could easily see that the IDF was just a tool in Gd’s hands.

1967 Six Days War

To summarize:

In May, 1967, Egypt began threatening Israel with annihilation. Egypt demanded that the United Nations remove its peacekeeping forces from the Suez Canal. the UN quickly buckled and removed its peacekeeping forces. While Egypt had no problem gather allies and support, the State of Israel was left alone. Support came from prayers to Gd from Jews and others all over the world.

Israel’s War Aim:

Simply put, the only goal that the State of Israel had as it prepared to fight was to survive. The government had hoped that our destroying enemy air forces would end the war without the need for troops on the ground, since the Arabs had more than we did.


In the fifty years since the war, many military experts have tried to analyze it. Even then, in 1967, people were incredulous. We could only credit the Hand of Gd. The conclusion of the international experts is the  same. The victory, including the straightening and expansion of Israel’s borders had to have been a miracle. There is no other way to explain it.

Conclusion- Security

The State of Israel must stop trying to get foreign support and allies, because our security and survival are dependent on our belief in Gd. We do have to make our military efforts, but the victories aren’t ours alone. It’s not the IDF that should get all the credit. These are gifts from Gd Almighty. No foreign country will protect us the way Gd does.

Today is no different from when King David, as a young man, told the then ruling King Saul that he will defeat Goliath with the help of Gd, not with conventional modern weapons of the time. David didn’t stand around waiting for Gd to kill Goliath. He found simple stones and aimed perfectly, and then Gd did the rest.

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