Why Arabs Turn to Terror? Follow The Money

Why Arabs Turn to Terror? Follow The Money

Academics, ideologues, political theorists, philosophers, sociologists etc. love to invent all sorts of benign and anti-Israel reasons for the Arab terrorism here. But there’s a very simple reason, if you’d only “Follow The Money.”  It’s no secret, and The Palestinian Media Watch’s latest update should make it clear there’s something to worry about.

PMW exclusive: Huge increase in PA terror funding in 2017


Yes, unfortunately, for many Arabs under Fatah and Hamas rule, it literally pays and pays well to be a terrorist. And for some of those who have Israeli citizenship or live in Jerusalem, especially those whose education was part of the Jordanian or PA Curriculums the PA “terrorist pension” seems like easy money.

There’s so much corruption in the Palestinian Authority-PA that legitimate job opportunities are few and far between. Some clans have succeeded in keeping away and getting jobs in Israeli businesses nearby, like Rami Levy.

Remember that the money going into the terrorist pension fund comes from Europe, the United Nations, various NGOs, the United States and those people who think they are donating to peace, medical care and human rights. The truth is that they are giving financial support to terrorism and corruption.


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