What Faux Peace Game is Lieberman Playing?

What Faux Peace Game is Lieberman Playing?


Nothing causes the terror rate to rise more than talk of “peace” and Ramadan. Now, we can’t control the every twelve month Ramadan, but we can desist from claiming that there will soon be a “peace agreement” with the Arabs who have unabashedly sworn to destroy us.

All this “peace talk” makes us look weak, wimpy, desperate and vulnerable. That’s bad, because it encourages our enemies to attack and our so-called friends to pressure us to make “compromises” and more gestures to encourage the Arabs to make a deal.

How many times do wwe have to do this until people realise that it’s a dangerous game?

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has come out with so many contradictory statements over the decades he has been on the political scene that the best guess is that he has no real ideology, just raw ambition.

So, the chances are that he senses some weakness in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s present standing, and he’s just jockeying for position, hoping to pounce.  We’ve seen this before, and It probably won’t be the last time.

Do you have a better guess?

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