To Hell With You, America and Europe

To Hell With You, America and Europe

Yesterday morning, at 9am, a man stood leaning against the Yafo/King George light rail station. In Jerusalem, if you will.

A security guard walked up to him, asked him for his name and what he was up to. Asked him to open his bag.

The guy said, “No.”

The guard said, “Open your bag.”


Guard took bag. Guard opened bag. Guard saw 3 pipe bombs connected to wires, a cell phone (for detonation), and knives.

Guard said, “Explosives! Explosives!”

Guard flipped guy on his back and said, “Move and I shoot.”

Other guards called the police. Civilians started to run. The light rail was stopped, in both directions, and the streets were blocked off.

The bombs were safely detonated.

The terrorist was arrested.

0 injured. 0 killed.

Thank G-d.

But not just thank G-d.

Thanks to the alert, trained, armed, knowledgeable, able security guards.

Security guards who aren’t afraid to offend, who aren’t afraid to profile, who aren’t afraid of being “racist.”

To hell with you America. To hell with you, Europe.

Because, New York, we all know that if this terrorist had been standing by the subway, he would’ve managed to detonate all 3 bombs AND go on a stabbing spree, before anyone knew the difference.

Because, Britain and France, we all know that if this terrorist had chosen your country instead of ours, he would’ve been wildly successful. Just like the terrorist who managed to run over 200 people in the span of 3 minutes, across a *kilometer and a half*. No one even thought to shoot that guy, until he pulled out his own gun and aimed it at a police officer.

Brilliant show, Europe.

To hell with you.

You know what, I’ll make you a deal:

You deal with your terrorists, the way you see fit.

And let us deal with our terrorists, the way we see fit.

Good luck to you.

I believe in Israel. And it’s time you did, too.

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