Simple Reason Why World Won’t Accept Israeli Rule Over Jerusalem

Simple Reason Why World Won’t Accept Israeli Rule Over Jerusalem


Yes, it’s that simple. Not only does it predate the 1967 Six Days War, it was a principle in the United Nations Partition Plan.

I circled Jerusalem here, and you can see that besides the simple fact that international bodies, like the newly invented United Nations, and various foreign countries did not envision the proposed Jewish state as having Jerusalem as its Capital City, it didn’t include Jerusalem in the proposed Jewish country at all. And what it had planned on giving to the Jews as a “country” was even less possible to defend than we ended up controlling in 1949, which created borders known to this very day as “the Green Line,” or Auschwitz borders.

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Illegal Jordanian Occupation
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The Jewish Israeli diplomatic fight over Jerusalem isn’t fifty 50 years old; it’s seventy 70 years old and even older when you take pre-state history into account.

And for all those decades the State of Israel has been using the wrong “weapons,” the wrong everything. That’s because it has wimped out at admitting that our enemy is the antisemitism that has existed from the very beginning of Judaism.

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