Jerusalem Day Unites All Israelis Eternally

Jerusalem Day Unites All Israelis Eternally

Jerusalem Day each year reminds us of a war that took place 51 years ago. It was a war, like most of our wars, that began with the aggression of our enemies. They massed on our borders and shouted for our death…then as they do today. It was 1967 and the world stood back to watch. From Egypt and Syria, the threats poured across the border. The United Nations observing forces pulled out, abandoning their positions and all hopes for peace.

Israeli forces took the initiative and handed a stunning defeat in place of the victory those nations were anticipating. Simultaneously, a message was sent to Jordan. We will not start a war with you. We didn’t. They did. Jordanian forces poured across the border and in a stunning victory, our forces not only pushed them back, but captured…recaptured…the Old City of Jerusalem. Reunited. Eternal. Ours.Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem has celebrated every year since 1967. From all over Israel – people pour into the city and walk through the streets. Today, the streets of Jerusalem were filled with young people. The flags were waving, feet marching.

And songs…so many songs. It was a day doubly blessed because yesterday, Israel won Eurovision with the performance of Netta Barzalai – and wasn’t that fun to watch!

Today, Israel was dancing and smiling – from the heavens above to the lowest point on earth! From the north to the south, from the river to the sea, and on the heights of the Temple Mount, where over 2,000 Jews visited! What a day to remember…

Jerusalem Day – Jerusalem of Gold

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