Israeli Sovereignty Trumps Trump

Israeli Sovereignty Trumps Trump

New Building Project in Shiloh

I am disgusted by the reports that building for Jews in Judea/Samaria will be temporarily  frozen until after United States President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit. As an Israeli I’m disgusted and embarrassed by the report.

Didn’t we just celebrate our 69th Israeli Independence Day?

Are we an independent sovereign state, or not?

If we are an independent sovereign state then we don’t need approval from any foreign ruler, nor do we need to worry about their feelings and opinions.

Israeli Independence Day #69 in Shiloh

Yes, it’s that simple!

For the first twenty years after declaring our independence and before that, and previous to that while Nazis murdered millions of Jews and then the British refused the survivors permission to relocate/immigrate to the Holy Land, no country allied with us or defended us Jews. We were on our own!

And the truth is that we’re still on our own when it comes to international diplomacy. But we do have one ally, and that’s Gd Almighty.

  • Gd’s help enabled us to defeat the Arabs, who had been assisted by other Arab states and Great Britain in 1948-49.
  • Gd’s help enabled us to defeat Egypt, Syria and Jordan in 1967.
  • Gd’s help enabled us to defeat Egypt and Syria in 1973. Our dependence on American advice almost led to our defeat in the Yom Kippur War.

Israel does not owe any country for our existence, our survival. It is only through the grace of Gd that there is a State of Israel. And if we want the respect and support of American President Trump, then we must act like a strong, independent sovereign state, not a weak fawning nebbich.


  1. Esther Meyers

    I agree with everything you are saying, but that works if frum people run the country. It doesn’t have enough influence with the non-frum.

    The simple fact is: Money talks and America has the money Israel needs.

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