Choose Democracy or Freedom, you can’t have both

Choose Democracy or Freedom, you can’t have both

The real conflict in Israel is between a halacha state and a liberal sharia compliant state, not a Jewish vs a democratic state.

There has been so much spilled ink about the two opposing ideals, a Jewish state vs a Democratic state.

The real conflict is essentially will you force me to keep Shabbat or can I be free to pursue every Western idealism. In exchange for freedom to pursue all non halachic lifestyles the average Israeli is willing to give a huge backing to the non halachic candidates that are embarrassed to wear a Kippa in the Jewish state.

The price we all pay for refusal to accept Jewish law as binding is a heavy one. World Jewry is now rejecting the so called Jewish state in greater and greater numbers. Aliyah only occurs en mass with concurring fear of death by anti-Semites. The loss for the average Jew for the state of Israel is at an all time low, including those of us that live there.

Gone is the magic of the paratroopers who liberated the Old City, the Old City is crawling with deadly Arab terrorists…….fear is everywhere below the surface……there is no more liberation of the West Bank either.    These places equal certain death for travelers making a wrong turn into Judenrein neighborhoods and the highways that cross through them always a joyride where attacks are frequent enough to make traveling stressful and dangerous.

The glory of the Jewish state as a safe haven for Jews is gone.  The IDF and its nuclear weapons can’t even protect the Jew on the streets of Israel from being run over, firebombed, his house burned down, burglarized, stoned, stabbed or shot. Who is next to be attacked???

The amount of resources the government spends on stopping attacks us so enormous and the price of food and gas so high out of proportion.

The security issues have stopped new housing and inflated prices everywhere.

The soldiers have been demoralized and limited in action and have become a pepper spray and rubber bullet army, disgraced by its own citizens and exploited by the enemy.  Israel is no longer winning it’s wars.  Outstanding embarrassments come in each new conflict.

There are 17 Arab members of the 120 member Knesset.  Each day I wake up and hold my breath they will not announce withdraw from the West Bank ….

This is indeed the price to pay not for a Jewish democratic state, we have that, in place,

The price to pay for democracy, of which many many laws and ideals have negated Jewish law and its infinite wisdom on how to solve all of the problems we face as a nation.

There is no real solution to death, terror, ill  preparedness for war and not winning each conflict until Jewish law is brought in.

A simple Rebbe in Cheder would make an outstanding general and Minister of Defense in comparison to the sullied chameleons and clowns in office today.

For example, the concept of purity of arms.  The Torah has clear guidelines and precedents on how to deal with an embedded enemy population in Israel.  Laws range from total annihilation to allowing one side to flee during war in purpose and extending ones hand in peace.

The whole concept of fear and men without faith making decisions, plagues us.   For example, after the stunning war of six days in 1967, Moshe Dayan brought back the fleeing Arab enemy at gunpoint just as they were about to flee to Jordan.  There would never have been a Palestinian problem had Moshe Day an just opened up a Chumash and learned one verse, had he learned this one verse, thousands upon thousands of Jewish lives would have been saved, there would never have been an Oslo and never ever been talk of two states or Jews evicted from Yehuda and Shomron or Aza.

That one mistake cost us the entire war’s victory. Even if he never opened a Chumash, has it ever been done in the history of mankind such a mistake?  I never saw a parallel. It was the worst military blunder I ever saw in our days and the worst in the history of the Jewish people.

This is the price we pay for democracy, liberalism and a Jewish state without Jewish law.   Its one thing to make a miscalculation, and it’s another to bring on defeat and weeping for generations.

It should be clear without having to list here all the failures of the Jewish state, one of the major ones bringing in 900,000 Russians on a law of patriarchal lineage, where estimates of 20 to 40% of them are not even halachic Jews.   It destroyed the Jewish fabric and quality of the state.

Democracy gives us Islamic jihad supporters in the Knesset voting on laws that affect the Jews.   Now 17 out of 120 Knesset members are Arabs, and they in overwhelming majority identify, converse, support, and defend terrorists, they themselves are just shy of jihad themselves.   They are political jihad in its most dangerous form.   What started out as 3 members in 1988 has turned into 17 members in 2016.  The Joint Arab party list is the third largest party in the Knesset.  This is a Nakba for the Jews of Israel in its own right.  Have we lost our minds?

Memri has exposed these jihadists like Ghattis and Zoabi and the like, the pride and joy of a democratic state, the pride and joy of pluralism and liberalism, what was meant as the token Arab in the Jewish state has turned into the Likud’s bankroll.  I would not be surprised if Likud was secretly funding them.   Likud has blocked all real legislation to ban the Arab terrorist parties, and the symbolic but ineffective impeach Knesset member law was set at the impossible to reach number of 90, since 17 members of the Knesset are Arab to begin with, and extreme left has 28 seats to add to the protektzia.   A bill designed to keep the Arab list in place while they work within the halls of the Knesset to destroy the Jewish state ftom within at the HIGHEST levels.

Behold here is your democracy.   Look at the fruits of democracy, Oslo and all its entrails, the birth child of the same liberal minds who destroyed the merger of the state with halacha, it is NO accident that the same IDF commanders that shove girls into combat units and send texts to the enemy, imprison soldiers for killing a neutralized terrorist, are among those liberal thinkers, who have no business being in uniform.  These are the small minds of out time, the ones who can’t see the big picture.

So too the security apparatus, the same liberal democrats who push for more coexistence and integration of hostile Arabs from Yehuda and Shomron into Jewish cities, so they can plunder them with theft and then use the intimate knowledge to kill and terrorize the naive Jews.

While the average Israeli is fed up, there are many who have tried to solve the intense incompetency by leaving Israel altogether.   They are embittered and have no answer other than to leave.

The choice is clear and continues to clarify itself.   Israel has no way out of the big mess it got itself into except through an iron fist, Torah style.  In order to get there, the Democrats simply must be outvoted and be given the boot.   The Democrats who have taken Eretz Yisrael and turned it into a mini war zone, with huge walls, checkpoints and fear, death and a never yielding enemy, have destroyed the joy and unending pleasure of being a Jew in the Holy Land.   The simple choice, is to choose a halachic state.  One that punishes traitors instead of making them Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers.

So you can have the discos, and the bars, and the mixed beaches, and the coexistence that feeds off the same roots, and death and terror and explosions and murderers, stabbings, shootings, firebombing, vehicular homicides and mass fires burning cities down, or you could have halacha.

One halacha, just one, solves all terror in the land.  Would the leaders accept this one mitzva upon themselves, there would be no more terror.  The mitzva of “They will not dwell in your land , perhaps they will ensnare you (with sin) against me”, Shmot 23 is sufficient to take care of Israel’s number one problem.

If one halacha, in its infinite wisdom can solve 100 years of never ending conflict, without withdrawals, without compromise that kills Jews, without concessions in return for death squads, then what have we in store for a pure halachic state?    All of our problems solved by simply going back to our roots and heritage and stop trying to be 21st century modern when your neighbors are savages living in the dark ages chopping off heads and burning their own people to dispose of the bodies.

What we are seeing is the window of time and opportunity shrinking.  Dependency on the USA growing, and Israel as an ever increasing vassal state of the USA.  Its part of the democrats, the liberals, the Jews that would sooner kill us all than have to live in a halachic state. ….Its their dedication that makes them victorious they are ready to kill Jews to further democracy, and given the choice, they prefer the Torah to vanish and be back to a state where Arabs rule Israel.

So understand that it is these principles that mark the real battle in Israel, the battle to be a Torah state or a democratic one, you can’t have both.



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