Pesach…The Holiday of the Spring

Pesach. Passover. The Holiday of the Spring. What is this thing all about? We were slaves in ancient Egypt. God took us out. He split the sea. We were born as a nation. So many monumental events surrounding this holiday, and what do we remember? What do we call it? …

Offering Some Perspective: Morality, Facts and a Bit of History

The hypocrisy we are witnessing today from the press, the global community, and worst of all, from in-house, is confusing and infuriating. My conclusion when nothing adds up? Someone else is running the show and pulling the strings, because with the flawed logic and lack of a moral compass that humanity is displaying today, it sure is not us running the show.

Natalie Portman and the Concept of Marit Ayin

The bottom line is, Portman can justify her refusal to come to Israel (but keep the money from the award. Ya know, so her hypocrisy is to the max!) by saying she doesn’t want to support Bibi or any other ridiculous reason. At the end of the day, she is giving the declared enemies of the Jewish state more ammunition to target and attack us.