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Myth #4: Peaceful Arabs vs. Violent Nazi-Like Zionists?

This post is part IV of the Response to “Hate Mail” from an Israel-Hating Conspiracy Theorist series dealing with many of the biased and incorrect claims made against Israel. In this post, I address the suggestion that Arabs are somehow inherently peaceful without interference from evil third-party bogeyman (like the CIA or …

Response to “Hate Mail” from an Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theorist

As a result of my relatively frequent articles and appearances on cable TV and radio where I express my strong support and love for Israel; and do my best to dispel the lies and libels of the Anti-Semitic BDS campaign as well the true cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict, I …

It’s [Not] the Economy, Stupid; It’s the [Arab & Islamist Supremacist] Ideology

If we want to stop the violence, then making Hamas and its acolytes richer and enabling them to import more weapons will not serve that purpose. No more so than making the Nazis and their supporters in Germany richer would have made Germany less violent. The core of this conflict is, and has always been, ideological.