Response to “Hate Mail” from an Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theorist

Response to “Hate Mail” from an Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theorist

As a result of my relatively frequent articles and appearances on cable TV and radio where I express my strong support and love for Israel; and do my best to dispel the lies and libels of the Anti-Semitic BDS campaign as well the true cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict, I get my fair share of hate mail and comments. Many I ignore, some I respond to quickly, and some I turn into a reason for a full blown article (or several, in this case).

Because this particular piece of “hate mail” represents a fairly common amalgam of many of the arguments we, in the pro-Israel community receive from many Israel-haters, below and in the posts that follow, are my initial responses to a particularly outrageous diatribe by an Arab person who seems to genuinely believe a strange – but not uncommon “narrative” (hard to call this “history”), which is ridden with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories -where Arabs are completely blameless for all of their problems in the Middle East and were also living in peaceful and tolerant bliss – until the Zionists and their allies ruined everything.

Classic Anti-Semitic Hate
Classic Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory

This most recent inspiration for me to write an article in response to an anti-Israel diatribe, in his “hate mail,” decried my lack of humanity, exclaimed that I had a racist cause, and then without apparent recognition of the irony, proceeded to claim that “you people” were “fed” a “fucked up historical story” in order to support Israel and he then proceeded to express an understanding of history that is remarkably and objectively wrong and (to use his own words) really “fucked up.”

The following are a series of claims, rants, assertions and all manner of nonsense written to me by this “hate mailer” as to why Israel is at fault and evil as well as how the Arabs as simply innocent victims. These all have one thing in common – they have no basis in reality and are easily debunked. These will be the subjects of my next few posts.

All of the above are lies, myths, or, at best, misleading half-truths. A few have some barely discernible actual facts in them twisted to meet the agenda of those slinging these claims around. Stay tuned for the truth. Simple. Honest. Easily proven. As you read each of the above claims – and the rebuttals I offer here, keep in mind…

Questions for the Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theorist – Whose cause is rooted in hate?

So, is it really so hard to see whose cause is rooted in hate? After (hopefully) learning all of this history, do you really think that the Arabs would want the Jewish people to treat them as they have treated Jews and other minorities (like Yazidis, Copts and Kurds)?

And if you really think that the “Nazi cause is similar” to my cause, to Israel, then you may want to ask yourself why Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a best seller in the Arab controlled lands? Why Hamas supporters regularly use the Swastika? Or why it was that the Godfather of Arab nationalism was an ally of Hitler, who lived in Berlin during WWII and regularly called for the murder of all Jews, just as Hamas does today?

So again, whose cause is more like the Nazis? The Jews just want to live in peace in their indigenous homeland. They have made peace offer after peace offer. And it is Israel that has provided full civil rights to all its citizens regardless of race, gender, or religion.

So who’s more like the Nazis, the Jews, or the people who quote Nazi conspiracy theories about Jews?

Jews? Or the rulers of those people, who have created absolute dictatorships and offer little or no freedom for their own people?

Jews? Or the people who speak of getting rid of all of the Jews in the world, just like the Nazis did?

If you can’t correctly answer these questions, then it is not only your knowledge of history that is truly awful.


Every factual assertion in this and other posts in this series have has been hyperlinked and verified.


  1. Leah

    So who’s more like the Nazis, the Jews, or the people who quote Nazi conspiracy theories about Jews? Or how about the people who want to exterminate all Jews, and say so quite openly?
    Calling Zionists ‘Nazis’ is classic projection, and classic theft of Jewish history.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that according to Torah, the only way that ishmael “existed” was an error by sarah’s failure to trust/believe in G-D. All knows the account spoken regarding Hagar. I believe THE TRUTH, NOTHING CAN CHANGE THE TRUTH, THE ETERNAL TRUTH!!

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