Olmert, Served Enough or Long Way to Go?

Olmert, Served Enough or Long Way to Go?

Ehud Olmert is/was among Israel’s most charming politicians. Not only did Olmert do all the usual public acts that an intelligent and ambitious politician does, but he’d find time to visit people in the hospital and not with a camera crew in tow. He’d also speak with sincere interest to much lower-ranking workers remembering what they had said previously. When the laws changed and he had to choose between being an MK or Mayor of Jerusalem, he chose Jerusalem. And then he had personal letters sent to every single worker in the Knesset, including the cleaning crew.

That’s a reason why his corruption charges and guilty verdict was so tragic. Olmert had the capability to be one of Israel’s greatest leaders, but then it was discovered that the other side of him, not only the extreme Leftist ideology which surprised/shocked/horrified many, but the fact that apparently he’s one of the most corrupt politicians in the History of the State of Israel.

I’m not the only one to consider his “punishment” much too short. What’s twenty-seven 27 months when those awful projects he approved will last for decades if not longer? And then he davka got early release which reduces his prison time to only sixteen 16 months.

In prison, Olmert was in a “luxury wing” with other high-ranking white collar prisoners. Considering his charm, he should have been in isolation. That would have been a real punishment for Ehud Olmert!

So, now the Israeli media is discussing whether he’s paid his debt to society, as the saying goes, or not. I don’t think he did, since he hasn’t admitted guilt nor shown suitable remorse at all. Isn’t that why they’re keeping Katzav in jail?

Jerusalem Post-Ehud Olmert

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