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Emotions Inspired by a 100-year-old Nazi

We are determined never again to be in a position that we have to wait for the delayed justice of an embarrassed nation. Never again will our people be imprisoned through the cold winters of Germany and Poland, treated as outcasts in Yemen and Iraq, starved and beaten in the cities of Austria, the Netherlands, France and Hungary and Belgium. Israel is the answer.

Another Survivor Dies and Anne Frank Slips Further Away

The survivors are dying…so few are left. They leave behind unquestionable evidence of the horrors committed by Nazi Germany. Unquestionable because there is so much. No other mass slaughter in history was ever so well documented…often by the very people who were committing the genocide. Germans were meticulous in documenting, …

It’s [Not] the Economy, Stupid; It’s the [Arab & Islamist Supremacist] Ideology

If we want to stop the violence, then making Hamas and its acolytes richer and enabling them to import more weapons will not serve that purpose. No more so than making the Nazis and their supporters in Germany richer would have made Germany less violent. The core of this conflict is, and has always been, ideological.

What Leon Uris Would Have Said About the Polish Amendment Issue

Actually, it’s not what Uris “would have said” but what he actually did write. The recent pending amendment to the Polish act on the Institute of National Remembrance by law by the Parliament of Poland, should the President of Poland sign it into law, would bring with it the possibility …