The Fields Are Afire and Nature Devastated

The Fields Are Afire and Nature Devastated

Today’s News in 300 is about a video I’ve just seen. The video shows nature and cultivated fields that have been destroyed by arson attacks in the form of flaming kites. Sadly, they have not translated it and so I will. I hope they do translate it, but for now, please share this post so that others in the world can know what is happening here.

Sadly, major news sites show nothing of the 45 rockets that were fired at Israel last night and almost nothing about the tremendous damage you will see here. How do you translate anger? The answer is by sharing this post with others. I’ve done a quick translation. I might have missed a few words, but, as I said, the pictures say it all.

  • Opening scene: Two months of burning/flaming kites in the Israeli communities surrounding Gaza.
  • On the 14th of April, they burned a wheat field next to Kibbutz Beeri. There in the flaming fields, they found the string from a kite.
  • Since then, we suspect 450 fires were by kites that were launched from Gaza.
  • According to authorities, about 25,000 dunams of cultivated and natural fields have been burned.
  • The scope of the damaged caused by these fires are the greatest since the Carmel forest fire in 2010 [also caused by Arab arsonists].
  • According to satellite pictures, about 25% of the burned fields were cultivated by local farmers.
  • The rest are protected nature reserves.
  • So far, 65 compensation requests have been submitted for damages in the millions [unclear shekels or dollars, but it makes little difference].
  • How do we recover from this damage where we have discovered thousands of animal carcasses – of foxes, jackals, turtles, snakes and lizards.
  • The full extent of the natural disaster will only be revealed when the scope of the destruction of the natural habitats becomes clear.
Nature Devastated

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