Fire fights, Red Lights, and Flaming Kites – In the News

Fire fights, Red Lights, and Flaming Kites – In the News

Well, not every day will I be able to rhyme the news, but today it works. So what do fighting fire, kite flying and red lights have in common. Well, they are all in the news today. So here’s a quick update.

First up – two stories that go together – firefighting and kite flying. Really, there’s no logic to these two being connected. But there are. At least in Israel. For several weeks now, Palestinians have tied Molotov cocktails to kites, set them ablaze and launched them towards Israel. Terrible fires have results, destroying huge areas of land. The first have been so bad, farmers are being offered financial incentives to harvest their crops before the heat of the summer arrives.

Israel’s hot and rain-less summer season results in many natural fires every year. Add to this waves of intentional arson attacks, and the situation turns very dangerous. And now, factor in that Palestinians are now working hard to launch firing bombs into our fields, and the move makes financial sense.

And the last story involves those red lights. Many people believe that in the not-to-distant future, all cars will drive themselves and humans will simply go along for the ride. According to this theory, mankind will be safer because self-driving cars won’t feel the need to speed. More, they won’t have any desire to speed ahead, pass dangerously, or drag race through deserted streets. But, during recent tests, the amazing self-driving cars seem to be hitting some snags.

In March, a self-driving tests hit a woman walking across the street with a bicycle. The video seems to indicate that the safety driver was busy looking at her telephone and only realizes the tragedy that is about to happen in the seconds before impact – too late to stop. And if that wasn’t bad enough, last week a self-driving car ran a red light during a test drive in Jerusalem.

That’s it for today’s round up.

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