Resources for Pesach Re: Products, Kashering, and Haggada Divrei Torah

Resources for Pesach Re: Products, Kashering, and Haggada Divrei Torah

In just under two weeks, Jews around the world will sit down to the Pesach Seder night and spend hours discussing the topic of the Exodus from Egypt. Prior to that evening, there is much to be done, including cleaning, shopping, cooking, prepping for things to say at the Seder, etc.

Each one of these activities is laden with questions. I present below a number of English websites (and one Hebrew site) with information dealing with:

  • Preparing your kitchen and house for Pesach
  • A Pesach shopping guide
  • Kashering utensils, counter tops, etc.
  • A list of sites with good Divrei Torah to enhance your Seder.

Enjoy and Chag Sameach V’Kasher!

I. Sites that deal with Pesach Shopping/ Products and Kashering  (one of the most comprehensive sites) 

(With one exception, the above are resources based in the USA. While some of the product info is the same in Israel, it is still important to check LOCAL resources, when they become available. If there are questions about kashering various items that are unclear or there seem to be a different set of customs in the community in which you live, please contact your LOR!)

II. Site with Divrei Torah for your Pesach Seder 

Finally, here is an article I wrote and repost every year regarding Kitnyot. Enjoy!  


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