Tell Me, Is He a Zionist?

Tell Me, Is He a Zionist?

By all appearances, the answer that most people might give to the man in this video would be, “no, he is not a Zionist.” There are many things that he doesn’t do that Zionists firmly believe he should. There are things that he does, that many Zionists do not do. By all appearances, one’s first conclusion might be that this man is not a Zionist. Israeli Flag

He wears the same colors and clothes of many who stand against our State. More, he holds the same position as some who suggest that our national “holy” days are meaningless. But he asks a critical question, “Am I a Zionist?”. Really, that is a question that most of those you assume him to be like would never ask.

First, I’ll show you his video. As you watch it (my apologies, as it is in Hebrew), think about the question – is he a Zionist.

My answer follows the video (preceded by a brief translation). Your answer can be the same or different than mine and I offer you my respect, as I hope you will offer this man your respect. Is he a Zionist? I’d like to know your thoughts.

First the Video


Hey, am I a Zionist?

Suppose I stand for the siren even I feel less connected to the concept. But in front of the sight of a casket wrapped in blue and white I will always feel as if something personal has been taken from me and my heart, my heart aches and aches. Am I a Zionist?

I didn’t enlist in the army, and I always hear the same claim that I am not serving the State. But hey, I volunteer with Ezer Mizion, Hatzala, Yididim, ZAKA, MADA or Yad Sarah. So, maybe I’m a little bit Zionist?

In my eyes, desecrating the Sabbath is trampling the nation’s symbol. An open wound in the heart of the nation. But I would never trample or disrespect the nation’s flag.

Yes, it pains me very much that secular people travel in the neighborhood on Shabbat but I will ride on a motorcycle during that same Shabbat to offer them first aid if, God forbid, they were injured in an accident. So tell me, am I a Zionist?

No, I do not think that the State of Israel is the complete fulfillment of the vision of the prophets and I am still waiting for the complete redemption.

I don’t barbecue on Independence Day.

I believe that our Torah is the secret of our existence here and pray three times a day “May our eyes see your return to Zion.”

(ותחזינה עינינו בשובך לציון)

So, maybe there’s something a little bit Zionistic about me? My Zionism may be different, but my people are one.

Let’s keep us one. Always.

My Answer – Is He a Zionist?

I think you know my answer. He serves this nation. Perhaps not in the army, but certainly in all those organizations he mentioned. In standing, even if he doesn’t believe in it, he is showing his respect, and I offer him mine. Is he a Zionist? He really is. As much as I am (and Oh. My. God, I’m a Zionist!!!!)? The answer is yes – and he’s a greater Zionist than I am because he prays as I do, for the return to Zion, for his people.

Don’t judge people. Don’t assume. Each person must be free to define his or her own existence. Is he a Zionist? Tonight, he will stand; tomorrow, he will stand and each time there is a call near him, he will go running to help save the life of someone he probably has never met. He lives in this land, serves this nation and the people who live here. He has returned to Zion and like all of us, he awaits the full and complete return of all our people.



  1. Bracha Goldman

    I totally agree. His Zionism and mine both stem from Torah. Different (even very different) but equal nuances. May Hashem bring the geula shleima bimhera byameinu

  2. Netivotgirl

    Exquisite post as usual dear Paula. Too bad the left wing media doesn’t see things your way, the way of Ahavat Yisrael. If only the unity we have in our country during wars remained throughout the rest of the seasons. Living in the Western Negev we get rocketed, but believe me I am saddened with the ending of each campaign knowing that once again polarization in our society will return, (while thrilled that no more of our IDF heroes will fall.) Bless you for writing this!

  3. Yehuda Zimmerman

    Reminds me of something my Yekkishe elementary school principal said when we (rebelliously) sang Shir HaMaalos (before bentching) to the tune of HaTikva on Yom Ha’Atzmaut. He said, “I am a bigger Zionist than you, because I sincerely daven that the Shechina returns to Zion.”
    Unfortunately, that was the sum total of his expression of his Zionism to the students, so we never really picked up on it.
    But that being said, your question cannot really be answered without defining what a Zionist is. And that is not an easy definition.
    Chag Same’ach!

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