Gazans – Before you Approach the Border Today, Read This

Gazans – Before you Approach the Border Today, Read This

It’s Friday again, when tens of thousands of Gazans do something really stupid. They approach an international border of a sovereign nation…and then they get stupider. They attack the border and attempt to break through. They bring knives, tires to burn, and clippers to cut the border fence. And today, as the violence is about to start, as Gazans are loading tires onto vehicles, build kites that they can set afire and launch into Israel, sharpening their knives and packing up their explosives, here’s a message for them.
Yes, Gaza, today is Friday. You know what that means. For the last many weeks, you have used this day to launch violent riots and attacks against Israel. Truthfully, you’ve been launching arson attacks daily and rockets and mortars in between your violent protests and your exploding kite attacks. But let’s focus on today.Border violence
Today, you have a choice. It’s really a very simple one. Come to the fence…and risk getting shot or stay home and stay alive. Really, it’s that simple.
Parents – bring your kids and there’s a chance they’ll die today. Do you REALLY love following somebody else’s agenda more than you love your children? Enough to bury them tonight?
Medics – yes, there will be many wounded today and being a medic is an honorable thing to be. I know. I have at least three medics in my family. Two sons who will be on-call over the weekend, as they often are. They would run into danger to save lives. They have before and they will again. But they won’t be stupid enough to pick up a gas grenade and launch it for the cameras and THEN run towards a sovereign border assuming someone on the other side will figure out that THIS time, they are running to help another versus the last time, when they were joining in the attacks. So, if you are a medic in Gaza – make damn sure you don’t look like a combatant today.
If you plan to marry and have children, don’t approach the border today because there’s a real chance that you’ll never get the chance to fulfill those dreams.
Perhaps you like playing soccer or running. If you enjoy those sports, or pretty much any sports, don’t come near the border fence today. Our snipers are there. They will be there EVERY day while your people attempt to attack mine, while their homes and their families and their country is in danger. Don’t approach the fence today, because our snipers, highly trained that they are, will aim for your legs. And, to be honest, your health system sucks. They invest too much money in having you blow yourself up, rather than training their doctors and nurses how to save your legs when we shoot you. And shoot  you we will, if you approach the border today.
If you are an artist and love to paint as I have come to love painting, don’t approach the border today. Though our snipers will aim for your legs, they could end up hitting you in the arm, the wrist, or wherever. If you love art, or perhaps music or dance, don’t approach the border fence today.
If you have a mother or a father and they are encouraging you to go to the border, to earn those Hamas dollars, ask them why they hate us more than they love you. Don’t approach the border today. Don’t sacrifice your life to their hatred.
One more thing. If they told you that you’ll get 72 virgins in heaven to do with what you want if you die today, they lied. You won’t. All you’ll get is pain and death and an eternity of darkness. God doesn’t reward violence and there are no willing virgins in your future if you approach the border today.
Finally, if you are in Gaza today, I have just one thing to say to you – no matter what you love, no matter who you are.
Do Not Approach The Border Today – You May Die
You may die, and we won’t mourn for you.
Come to the fence…and risk getting shot or stay home and stay alive. Really, it’s that simple.

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  1. Netivotgirl

    BRILLIANT!! I wish they would listen, but they are brainwashed. BRAVO once again dear Paula on your exceptional writing! May we have a less difficult day than what the radio is predicting. Kudos once again for expressing what my heart feels but I’m helpless to write!

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