Barrett Outdoor Communications: A Lesson in Truth from Israel

Barrett Outdoor Communications: A Lesson in Truth from Israel

Introducing, Barrett Outdoor Communications, a company located in Connecticut that leases advertising space. Apparently, Barrett’s owner deems himself something of an expert in what is happening here in this part of the world.

Barrett Outdoor Communications
Barrett billboard
Enough of an expert, is the owner of Barrett Outdoor Communications, that he feels it acceptable to promote Palestinian First Responders.
As you can see, Barrett’s billboard wants to honor “the first responders of Gaza” who apparently are buys “saving lives under Israeli fire”. Really, who know?
And the image, ah yes, that’s Razan al-Najjar, the “medic” who died rushing towards the border fence in the middle of a violent riot. Of course, previously, she was filmed tossing a smoke grenade proudly. And, she was interviewed by the media announcing that she considered herself a “human shield”? (See video below.)

According to Steve Feldman’s post on Facebook, “He told me he had been to the “west bank”, had worked on a documentary about that area. And that he agrees with what is on the Web site the billboard promotes and that he supports the “palestinian” “cause”. And that he does not believe the billboard is false nor incites hatred of Jews.”

Well, I have to agree with the owner of Barrett Outdoor Communications. Clearly, there is no “direct” incitement of Jews on the billboard. And yet, is the lack of truth not a promotion of something false?
Really, is it acceptable to tell a “half-truth” and not call it a lie? Perhaps Barrett’s owner should have first read this excellent article Contradictions in Palestinian Accounts of Death of Razan Najjar before portraying her as the true face of Palestinian medics. Then again, maybe, sadly, the portrayal is accurate.
An Open Letter to Barrett Outdoor Communications:
Recently, I learned about your billboard honoring Palestinian first responders. At first, I thought it was a joke. Somewhat astounded, I realized you really believe their propaganda, their lies. And so, I decided to write to you. But first, let me tell you that as a resident of Israel, I have a stake in the lies you allow. Second, two of my sons and an amazing daughter-in-law are first responders in Israel. More, four of my children have volunteered on ambulances and all have helped Jews, Muslims and Christians; Israelis and Palestinians.
In essence, being a first responder in Israel means that as others run away from some disaster or attack, they run in. They treat people and wounds as needed, never looking at the color of the person’s skin, his or her religion, nationality, gender.
Daily, they and others like them treat Israeli, Palestinian, American, whatever without hesitation, with kindness, and infinite care and your billboard honoring the “first responders of Gaza” is an attempt to mock the service of my sons and others.
In many proven cases, they used their ambulances to hide weapons and ferry real terrorists away after they attack Israel. Regularly, Israel flies around the world to help – including to the US, to send in experts and save lives. Really, these are the first responders you laud?
Recently, Israelis flew to Brazil after a tragic dam collapse. Even now, our people are in Ethiopia helping by trying to find the bodies of victims of a plane crash. Proudly, I tell you that Israeli first responders have flown to Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, and even to the US to help after floods and hurricanes.
In Haiti, our first responders arrived with advanced medical equipment and set up field hospitals as other teams of Israelis pulled earthquake victims from the rubble.
Ultimately, your billboard is offensive because it perpetrates a lie – that the Palestinians are the victims. As you should know, it was the Arabs who turned down peace in 1948. Amazingly enough, they believing they could murder all the Jews and have all the land to themselves. And, it was the Arabs that started the next war. Even after 70 years, they still dream of a time when they will have it all.
Honestly, I don’t know what caused you to allow this offensive billboard. Perhaps, it was ignorance of the real truth of the history of the Middle East? Or, something more sinister? Truthfully, I don’t know the answer. But, what I do know is that when Palestinians need medical treatment, they don’t go to Palestinian “first responders.” Instead, they take them to Israeli medical centers. From Palestinians leaders (even Mahmoud Abbas) to the regular man on the street, that’s what they do. And why? Because that’s where we focus our resources.
Rather than build quality hospitals and filling ambulances with much needed medical equipment, what do they do? Sadly, the Palestinians  spend donations and foreign aid to purchase weapons. Or, pay salaries to terrorists who have murdered innocent Israeli civilians. And, they purchase explosives that they attach to balloons and fly them into Israel to set fire to our forests.
So, I wonder, was it ignorance of these Palestinian actions that have kept this region in a state of war? Or, was it something older and more sinister on your part?
Perhaps it reflects a deeper hatred of Israel and Jews? Well, I guess you will find the answer in what they do now. Leave the hateful and inaccurate billboard? Keep the blood money they paid you. Or, refund them and tell them that ultimately truth and decency are more important than a few tainted dollars.
Do Most Medics Consider Themselves Human Shields?
And do most medics participate in riots? So, you’ve been had, Barrett Outdoor Communications. Worse, you’ve been fooled.


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  1. Yoel Leib


    I just saw this today.

    I was just curious have you had any direct contact with Barrett? Are they a forum that censors or is selective in anyway shape or form of who publicizes on their billboards, or do they give equal opportunity to all sides. That being the case, I’m not sure if its necessarily their opinion on the billboard. It would be like saying that billboard companies here in Israel support a given party. I don’t think that is the case considering in Bnei Brak atleast, one week you’ll see one party, next week a totally different party. Not necessarily consistent, and that IS taking into account that billboards are censored in Bnei Brak to remove women and other “offensive” material.

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