Agricultural Terrorism – Nothing Less

Agricultural Terrorism – Nothing Less

Each year in Israel, arson takes a terrible toll. Often, there are two types of agricultural disasters related to fires here. First, fires due to short and wet winters, followed by months and months of intense heat. The winter rains help cover the land with greenery. Very quickly, however, the “grass” dies and dries until it rains the following winter. During the Spring and Summer months, the ground dries out and too often, fires start. It could be something as simple as broken glass careless tourists leave behind; worse, it is often unthinking nature lovers who leave barbecue ashes unattended. The cost for this negligence is horrific.Agricultural terrorism

Second, and far worse, are the fires set intentionally. Remember, these are in forests that were planted as a sign of our love for this land. Or near our towns and villages, endangering lives and property. Tragically, more than 30 people died in one devastating fire in the north. And this too has become a yearly event.

Honestly, arson attacks are nothing less than agricultural terrorism. Just a short time ago, Arabs rolled a burning tire into a cherry orchard, planted and tended with love in the Jewish community of Gush Etzion. The result was devastating. Agricultural terrorism.

Without question, those who did this intentionally must face justice. Find them. Arrest them, Try them. Convict them. Imprison them. More, the damage they intentionally caused should be compensated by the families of these agricultural terrorists. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Agricultural Terrorism

First, recognize this attack for what it was.

Second, condemn it for the violence it represents.

And as you would demand justice for a terror attack directed at humans, demand the same for the land. If you burn the land, you prove, yet again, that you do not love it and that it isn’t yours.


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