Israel – 70 Years of Rescue and Global Disaster Relief

Israel – 70 Years of Rescue and Global Disaster Relief

Israel was established…re-established…70 years ago. Since the day it was created, Israel has dedicated itself to providing a safe haven for Jews from all over the world. Jews came home from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Lebanon. Rescue missions brought Jews from Yemen, Iran, Ethiopia and other countries. Likewise, Jews from Afghanistan and Russia and more recently from France and the UK, Germany, Poland and countries all over South America have found haven here .Israel helping Mexico

But beyond helping those inside Israel, or those who came to live here, Israel has consistently reached out to help others. All over the world, Israeli search and rescue teams have operated in times of emergency.

Always, Israel was among the first nations to arrive after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. And, five years later, we were still there helping.

During the tsunami in Indonesia, Israeli search teams worked. After the hurricanes in the US and a building collapse in Kenya, Israelis rushed to help. And, after earthquakes and floods, Israeli teams quickly pack up and fly around the world.

Recently, this wonderful video, was released by the IDF documents some of those rescue missions.

Forever, Israel has been the dream. Now, it is the living symbol of a promise made and kept. More, it is the fulfillment of a commandment that we were given. We must be a “light unto the nations.” Without question, there is no greater light than the one brought into darkness. Because, that’s what our rescue missions are – lights that shine brightly for those in need. In many places, babies born in Israel emergency field hospitals have been given the name “Israel.” Doctors readily help those in need. Search and Rescue teams dig below the ground to rescue those buried beneath rubble.

With pride, as Israel celebrates its 70th year as a sovereign nation, we also celebrate 70 years of helping others..

70 Years of Rescue and Help

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