Guest Blog Post: Stop Looking to the World

Guest Blog Post: Stop Looking to the World

A lot of my beautiful friends are decrying the world for not condemning Hamas for attacking Israeli civilian centers on the border. They’re like “it’s so horrible that the world has nothing to say when synagogues and Israeli playgrounds are hit with rockets, but they’ll be all upset when Israel retaliates!”.

My dearest, sweetest friends. Establishing the State of Israel has taught us nothing if we’re still wringing our hands and hoping everyone will like us or even treat us fairly.Stop Looking to the World

Seriously, it’s time to stop being gobsmacked. It betrays a certain deep-seated and pathetic desire for the world to accept us. Enough.

I love friends. I love friends of Israel. When we unite, I am happy for me, and frankly, I’m happy for them. They are on the right side of history, and partnered with the side of Good. And the people who aren’t?

We’ll either climb over them or plow through them, and they will join the list of the greats who have fallen and turned to dust. And we’ll just climb higher – because that is the destiny of the world.

Stop looking to the world to act on logic and morality. These are the very traits a fragile and convoluted planet is desperately seeking from us.

This Guest Post has been written by: Malkah Fleisher

Malkah is the Director of Social Media at Step Up for Israel

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