Counting the rockets – Don’t apologize for Israel

Counting the rockets – Don’t apologize for Israel

Guest Post by Dave Bender

Color Red Alerts

How many incoming alerts, mortar shells, and possibly larger rockets were intentionally fired towards Israeli civilians, towns, villages, and farms so far, today alone? Counting just today?

Color Red Alerts

This many.

And the evening is still young…

When the caterwauling begins about “disproportionate response,” remember that

Every. Single. Rocket. Is. A. Geneva. Convention. War. Crime.

Including the one that hit a kindergarten, spraying a line of red hot shrapnel across the playground, and into the classroom’s fortified walls. Thankfully, the small children had not yet arrived in time for the 0700 barrage.

Color Red Alerts

However, hundreds, if not thousands of area residents, while not suffering from obvious external scars, are suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, and related psychological maladies. This, I have been personally told by health care professionals in Sderot and elsewhere

Color Red AlertsSo far, thanks to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Israel Air Force (IAF), Iron Dome, and public shelters and fortified safe rooms, “only” a handful of soldiers were hit by shrapnel from the short – range, “high-arc” projectiles.

Dear reader:

Do not apologize for the Israeli response; do not try to “explain” its necessity.

We owe no one outside of ourselves anything in this clash except to do everything humanly possible protect ourselves and fully vanquish the foe, who does everything sub-humanly possible to kill and hurt us.

Color Red Alerts

Oh, by the way – if you lived in an Israeli community around Gaza and didn’t find cover by the time you finished reading this, you might now be dead or maimed for life – 15 seconds to safety, tops.

Just saying.

Color Red Alerts

Color Red Alerts
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  1. Donna

    I do not understand why NONE OF THESEATTACKS are published in our US news papers or mentioned on our newscasts. I swear it is a conspiracy but how to break through it’?

    1. len stevens

      I don’t think you realise how many Christians support Israel. Have you thought of sending this kind of information to the Churches across the world? – and asking them to let each member of their Congregations, have copies? Remember the old saying … “The Squeaking Wheel gets the Grease!”. So … ‘squeak up’!! Len Stevens. Cape Town.

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