Remembering our Fallen Israelis – One Face at a Time

Remembering our Fallen Israelis – One Face at a Time

When the editors at Israel Blogger learned about The Fallen Faces Project, our first thought was that we wanted to take part; we wanted to share with our readers what we were feeling. When a person dies, and even more so when a person is murdered, people feel a need to do something. Whatever is done for the dead is called “Chesed Emet” – an act of true compassion. True compassion because it is not done with the hope of being repaid. The Fallen Faces Project is another example of Chesed Emet.

Each day, The Fallen Faced Project introduces you to someone you’ll never have a chance to meet. Someone – young or old, man, woman, even child. Someone who left behind family…someone taken…stolen…from a family that continues, to this day, to mourn them intensely.

It’s a sad journey of discovery, reading about these people. Each is a story of loss but in losing, we can gain something. We can take what these people lived for, what they believed in, into our lives and into our future.

We were granted permission to duplicate their project here on these pages, to slowly introduce you to people who have touched (and continue to touch) the lives of so many. Please join us on this journey – share it with others so that together these “Fallen Faces” will never become forgotten faces.


Over the past century there have been thousands of Israeli victims of Palestinian terror. But only occasionally do we hear their names. Less often do we see their faces. The Fallen Faces Project is a platform to give back the dignity robbed from those Israelis – the countless Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Bedouin or Druze as well as men, women and children – who have been innocently slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists since the founding of the modern state.


Your profile photos is the face you show your friends, your family and the world. But a profile photo can illustrate so much more. It reveals our relationship status, life events, family ties, hobbies, passions and even our current mood.  A profile photo is highly visible across Facebook in particular, but also all the applications, programs, platforms & communities that we link through our account. Facebook profile photos have more interactions & engagement than any other picture you post. And custom frames for profile photos have been used to support a range of causes. And that is why it is the perfect platform for a meaningful message. Participants of The Fallen Faces Project can sign up at to receive a daily email featuring a picture & first-person biography of an Israeli victim of Palestinian terrorism, as well as a click-to-post link which will automatically post both as your Facebook profile.


To learn more about this project & sign up visit

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