Efrat Ungar – One of Israel’s Fallen Faces

Efrat Ungar – One of Israel’s Fallen Faces

My name is Efrat Ungar but my friends call me Efi. I am 24 years old. I was born in Jerusalem and in 1993, I married my husband Yaron and we moved to Kiryat Arba.Efrat Unger

We have two beautiful boys, Dvir and Yishai. I work as a graphic designer and publish a cartoon strip in the newspaper. I’ve been told people find it very funny! But I have also written children’s books featuring my illustrations and highlighting my deep love and passion for humanity, My books reflect the values I live by – honor, love and humility.

On June 9, 1996, my husband and I were driving home from a wedding celebration in Jerusalem. A group of Palestinian gunmen pulled up beside us and fired 20 bullets into our car killing myself and my beloved Yaron as our son Yishai screamed in my arms.

Now he and his brother are orphans. They will live with my parents and be told how much I love them. They buried Yaron and me in the Kfar Etzion cemetery. Thousands came to our funeral.

My name is Efrat Ungar. I am 24 years old. And I am one of #TheFallenFaces.

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