Boomerang4Israel News Update – Terror and Triumph

Boomerang4Israel News Update – Terror and Triumph

From January 10th to January 17, there were 34 terror attacks in Israel. In this latest update by Boomerang, you can learn what happened in the last few days and weeks. But there’s something even more special that they offer beyond the news. There are the people. One of the amazing things about Israel is how human are the connections; how community oriented the land is. In this latest post – here’s a video that talks about terror but shows triumph. It is Israel.Triumph

Most people know that when a soldier is injured (or God forbid worse), the whole country weeps and unites around the families and the communities. But what often doesn’t make the international news (at least) is the way in which we work to triumph over these loses. Communities come together to keep a constant flow of visitors to the families; food is made and brought over. Rides are organized; closets filled. Whatever is needed because the sense of community, of knowing the other is so very strong here.

Terror strikes where it will but it never really triumphs because as a nation, we come together. And part of that coming together is understanding the human cost. It isn’t really about numbers but the people who suffer; the families torn apart. Boomerang introduces you to such people.

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