Nikki Haley – It’s Not About the US Embassy in Jerusalem

Nikki Haley – It’s Not About the US Embassy in Jerusalem

Nikki Haley has one of the most difficult jobs in the world. She has to speak reason in a place where reason rarely matters. Calmly and logically, Nikki Haley addresses the UN Security Council and explains that the violence of the last few days and weeks has nothing to do with the Embassy move, and everything to do with Hamas goals.

She explains how Hamas clearly instructed Palestinians to try to get through, “burst through the fence” to “urge the crowd to ‘get closer, get closer’ to the security fence. Haley points out that Hamas’ goal is to make the Palestinians miserable.

Nikki Haley continues by explaining why he put a swastika on a kite that he planned to fly into Israel, the Palestinian responded that “The Jews go crazy when you mention Hitler”.

Moving the embassy was “the right thing to do,” and is the right of the America people. And finally, the US moving the embassy represents recognition that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. “Recognizing this reality makes peace more achievable, not less,” she concludes.

But peace must be rooted in reality. Listen to Nikki Haley. Listen as she congratulate Israel on its 70 years of independence and looks forward to the next 70. It’s an amazing speech to a council that supposedly gathered to discuss violence in the Middle East.

Nikki Haley Speaks at UN Meeting


  1. David Griffith

    Typical pro-Israel rant. Never look at the massacre of the Palestinians and their just cause just Israel who is justified even using snipers to shoot kids. When will a moderate Israeli government come to power and quit using overwhelming power against rock throwing innocents?

  2. Katalin Griffith

    What a fascist comment. As a Jew, how can anyone believe that what is going on in Gaza is not a replica of what went on in Europe in the 30s? How can a people who have been persecuted for centuries do the same to others in their lands? it is beyond me. Judaism is primarily about justice. This treatment of the Palestinians is the antithesis of justice, the antithesis of the teachings of the Torah.

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