Arson – Sometimes No Other Word is Needed

Arson – Sometimes No Other Word is Needed

Does it matter how a fire is started? So many words are being used to describe the attacks on my country. Sometimes, they call is “incendiary kites”. Maybe “explosive balloons”. Others refer to this as “agricultural terrorism”. But, the truth is, pure and simple, this is arson.


Cruise the internet and you’ll come across many definitions of arson. Perhaps this one will do:  arson is “the malicious burning of another’s house or property”.

Really, if you needed more confirmation that the land of Israel really belongs to the Jews, there it is. Almost daily, the Palestinians are committing agricultural terrorism but really, in its most honest and simplest form, the Palestinians are committing arson.


Following are two videos. One shows the glory before the tragedy; the beautiful fields that are now gone. How many fields have been burned – over 25,000 dunams of land.

How much has it cost – well, clearly hundreds of thousands of dollars. But it isn’t really about dunams and dollars. It’s really very sad and very simple.

It seems so much more dramatic to see the fields filled with greenery and then to watch them being destroyed. Acres and acres of crops have been destroyed. For what purpose? For what great statement? Really, it appears the clearest statement coming out of Gaza is indeed arson, a declaration that they are damaging someone else’s property.

Beyond what is above, the video below gives the background of what is happening here. Clearly, it gives you the words. Somehow, what touches me more is the video above. Sadly, the pictures really say it all. The narrator explains how much damage has been done. Currently, the video is available in Hebrew. But for once, the words really don’t matter. Once more, it is the image of the burned and charred land that says it all.

i24News Video Reporting on Arson Attacks

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