Must Keep Temple Mount Metal Detectors for Arabs

Must Keep Temple Mount Metal Detectors for Arabs

Now to make it clear to those who don’t live in Israel or visit much. Metal detectors are all over, a normal part of life here in Israel.

You go through them when entering most medical clinics, supermarkets, hospitals, universities, cinemas, theaters, malls and large stores. Men no longer use their trouser pockets as change purses, since even a few coins get the alarms ringing. Metal hairclips and even gold jewelry can do the same depending on the sensitivity setting of the security device. Jews, Arabs, tourists, yes, everyone is expected to be inspected. It’s a fact of life here. We’ve become very skilled at effortlessly piling our bags, backpacks, phones etcetera on security tables to be opened and conveyor belts that take them for x-rays.

Until a few days ago, the biggest exception to this rule was the Muslim-only entrances to the Temple Mount. While Jews and other non-Muslim tourists put up with very intensive security checks before ascending to the holy place, Moslems could just walk in with anything. Yes, that anything included weapons.

Now, due to the murder of two Israel Policemen, davka Arab Druse, by Muslims on the Temple Mount, finally the Israeli security authorities have installed metal detectors for Arab Muslims who want to enter the Temple Mount. And of course, the Arabs are rioting and using that as yet another excuse for murderous terror attacks against innocent Jews.

There is nothing at all to negotiate here. And there is absolutely no need for any foreigners to come to help mediate. The Temple Mount metal detectors must remain in place, and Arabs must undergo exactly the same security inspections as anybody else!!

That’s it, as far as I’m concerned. Do you agree?

Security Inspection line on Temple Mount, Photo by Batya Medad, 2014


Lack of Security Inspection on Temple Mount, Photo by Batya Medad, 2014

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