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The Most Beautiful Birthday Party I Have Ever Attended–Didn’t Even Know the Boy!

Attending a birthday party in and of itself is not something remarkable. However, this party, this communal “event” was something altogether different…and inspirational! A few weeks ago, there was a small, innocuous Facebook post by a mother here in Maale Adumim. Her son, Matanel, was about to celebrate his 6th …

Do you recognize this man?

Do you recognize this man? In this life, his name, Jeff Halper, is as meaningless as the dust of the earth. When we first came back to this land after being slaves in Egypt thousands of years ago, you were one of the spies who lied about the land. You were there in the concentration camps, betraying our people and shoveling their bodies into the gas chambers.

Disrespecting Others

I went to a town meeting last night. The mayor of our amazing city, Maale Adumim, has put his heart and soul into creating a flourishing city. In our small city of just under 50,000 people, we have a Cultural Center where entertaining productions are regularly brought to life on …