Israel Should Just Leave The UN!

Israel Should Just Leave The UN!

Apparently, since Israel has finally been threatening or refusing not to pay some of the dues to the most anti-Israel of the Israel bashing United Nations organizations, we may lose General Assembly voting rights. At least that’s what the headline said in the Jerusalem Post:


But the actual truth is, if you read the article carefully, if Israel is careful to keep that demonstrative and symbolic non-payment under a certain sum, voting rights should be preserved, unless our diplomatic enemies decide otherwise.

If you consider voting in the UN General Assembly to be all that important I’ll tell you that I highly doubt that Israel would let the debt get so high. And we don’t know if the threats will be made into reality. Not that I consider membership in the United Nations to be a great metzia. Besides that, our one measly vote doesn’t do us any good. Israel is an abused, libeled, ridiculed and maligned minority of one. For years I’ve wondered why we even stay there.

One big advantage of leaving the United Nations would be banishing all those UN employees, those who work for the UN itself and those who work for the organizations that have as their main agenda the besmirching, maligning and undermining the good name, security and stability of the State of Israel. By cutting all ties we’d be safer!

The recent anti-truth “decision” by UNESCO that our Tomb/Cave of the Patriarchs is Muslim not Jewish gives further proof that there is no search for truth or justice by the United Nations and its organizations. Their vote did not come from ignorance; it is just a very clear manifestation of the blatant anti-Jewish/Israel agenda which is a bedrock of the UN. It’s foolish for us to expect anything else.

Just look at history.

The United Nations was established as World War Two ended. Instead of chastising/condemning Great Britain for sabotaging and undermining, by giving more than half the land to the Hashemites and severely restricting Jewish immigration to what remained, its Mandate to establish a Jewish State in “Palestine,” it came up with a proposal to further divide the remaining territory and invent another new Arab country. The indefensible bit of land proposed for a Jewish State was then attacked by Arab armies, trained, supported and equipped by British troops. In a miracle of Biblical proportions, the under-equipped and disunited Jewish forces managed a victory, which also consolidated the territory defended and gained into a slightly more defensible country.

From the 1949 ceasefire, until the spring of 1967, Jordan illegally occupied the territory west of the Jordan River to the ceasefire line, aka “green line,”  with Israel. Although this occupation was totally illegal, there were no sanctions against Jordan. During those eighteen years, the UN had some “peacekeeping” forces in the area, especially around the Suez Canal. But in 1967, the minute Egypt’s Nasser threatened to destroy Israel and told the UN to move, it fled leaving an easy path for an Egyptian victory.

That was fifty years ago, and although all over the world borders change without anyone really caring, the United Nations has led the campaign against Israel for liberating the Jewish National Homeland, which hadn’t had a sovereign independent rule for over two thousand years.

Remember that the UN has fully supported the perpetuation of so-called “palestinian refugees” with UNRWA. UNRWA is a dangerous and malignant organization with a raison d’être to destroy the State of Israel.

Besides UNRWA, we all know that no country in the world is condemned more by the Security Council than Israel.

Why is the State of Israel still a member of the United Nations?