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Emotions Inspired by a 100-year-old Nazi

We are determined never again to be in a position that we have to wait for the delayed justice of an embarrassed nation. Never again will our people be imprisoned through the cold winters of Germany and Poland, treated as outcasts in Yemen and Iraq, starved and beaten in the cities of Austria, the Netherlands, France and Hungary and Belgium. Israel is the answer.

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Antisemitic of them All”?

Very recently, a dear friend of mine directed me to an interview on “60 Minutes” between Michael Wallace and self-proclaimed messiah of the black peoples on a global scale, Louis Farrakhan.   Taking into consideration that this was screened about 23 years ago, I have always known that Farrakhan was one …

Agriculture in Israel – a Wondrous Thing to See

Tu b’Shevat is a holiday that really only makes sense in Israel. It’s considered the “new year’s day” of the trees. We have one, why shouldn’t they. And so, in honor of this wonderful yearly event, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released this amazing video of some of the agriculture technologies …